face yoga

Relaxation, meditation and gentle, yet core strengthening exercise. The first thing that pops into my mind is Yoga. Widely practised and considered beneficial in terms of the body and mind for all practitioners of the ancient Indian discipline. But what about Face Yoga? Perhaps slightly more repeatable for some when referred to as Facial Exercise rather than the former. Indeed, like many other beauty trends there is some ‘grey area’ as to whether Face Yoga actually works. But one has to admit there is a rational argument that, like any other exercise when repeated and practised enough, you will eventually reap the benefits. So with that in mind I will be exploring the practice of this ‘new’ beauty trend, its origins and the potential benefits we can enjoy, after all the importance of self-care in times such as the present are more vital than ever before. So where did this facial toning regime originate? This question is more complicated than it first appears. The modern practice of Face Yoga takes its origins from Japan, but according Karin Velikonja, the founder of the Glowinface Face Yoga programme, it actually dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh Cleopatra. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, what is Face Yoga? Well this has a far simpler answer! Face Yoga consists of exercising the face in order to delay the ravages of time. It is the cheaper and more natural answer to Botox or expensive anti-aging lotions and potions. Face Yoga boasts several different facial exercises in order to tone and maintain the elasticity and ‘plumpness’ of youth. Lastly what are the benefits of Face Yoga? According to experts such as Danielle Collins and Koko Hayashi, Face Yoga can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ultimately promote firmer, smoother and healthier skin. And by this you can assume that Face Yoga will ultimately make you appear younger. But for me, one of the biggest benefits you can derive from this slightly unusual form of facial meditation is the aspect of relaxation and the relief of tension. And during a ‘lockdown’, which stretches to many parts of the globe, we are finding ourselves with far more time to relax, which I must admit does not feel particularly relaxing in the slightest. Therefore, if methods such as Face Yoga help you feel internally happier and more at ease in the current climate then there are positives regardless of whether you are helping to eradicate laughter lines and crow’s feet.

Self-care is something often forgotten in the midst of busy schedules and we forget to reflect on our own external and internal health and well-being. But now we seem to have acquired a lot more time to explore a variety of different routines and techniques which could be restorative to our physical and mental health. The Face Yoga beauty technique maybe up for debate in terms of its validity, but some naysayers may be interested to learn that there have in fact been studies from Northwestern University which pertain to its usefulness. But Science aside what is perhaps more important is its place in the individual routines of its practitioners.
If traditional Yoga is simply not your ‘bag’ then perhaps Face Yoga could be an unexpected alternative? Its simple, quick and you can probably do it whilst watching the television or preparing a meal. And even if your quarrelsome wrinkles do not play the vanishing act, then perhaps you can reach a more meaningful achievement in the practice of Facial Toning. Mindfulness and self-reflection may be the embodiment of your Face Yoga mission and finding that little bit of peace while the rest of the world seems nothing but chaos.

By Natasha Dunn