A Style Guide: Smart & Preppy

Women are commonly thought of as dressed in either of two main ways – very laidback andcasual, or feminine and formal. Either we set out in jeans and a simple top, or a dress and heels.

But therein lies a particular set of looks in the fashion spectrum. We don’t necessarily have to be completely basic, nor too done-up. We can demonstrate a sense of confidence and formality, while maintaining an aura of femininity, should we wish to do so.

Luckily, fall is a season that befits such an aesthetic.

There are many words that people use to call this sense of style – posh, preppy, smart casual.

We can observe it from the outfits of many beauty bloggers and influencers, notorious members ofhigh society, as well as from popular characters in media. Preppy is a term that was initially used to describe those of private and preparatory schools, and most notably the intellectual crowd of IvyLeague universities. Hence, the appearance of those who are deemed preppy, reflected those of upper-class upbringing. It definitely gives off a sense of privilege, or at the very least, an air of propriety and sophistication.

Thanks to its roots in high academia, preppy fashion also bled into the uniforms usedin various leisure activities such as polo, tennis, and golf.A few notable brands to check out when looking for preppy attire include Lacoste, RalphLauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Ladies and gentlemen alike can dress up in a pair of trousers, Oxfordshirts, crewneck sweaters, blazers, and boat shoes. Alternatively, women can opt for a nice skirt,blouse, ballerina shoes, knee high socks or simple heels.

In order to achieve a preppy or even a similar look, a key thing to note is to look well put-together. The hair should be neat and not in disarray. It can be tied together by a nice headband, or another subtle hair accessory. Jewelry should not be too flashy or excessive. After all, the preppy style is something that embodies a sense of tradition and tastefulness. It is a versatile uniform that we can wear to work and formal events, as well as casual parties and activities.

By Sophie Jocson