A Year In Fashion and Beauty: 2020

Cropped, pixie haircuts? Virtual fashion shows? Skirt-suits?
These are only some of the trends that made waves throughout the fashion world this year. The industry has had to adapt to the times, and our preferences have evolved with it as well.
While 2019 brought us both eccentric and comfortable fads, such as those regarding biker shorts, neon pieces, tiny sunglasses, and bucket hats, 2020 gave off a different vibe altogether. People seem to prefer utility over extravagance, simplicity over fuss. Classic staples were reinforced and reinvented, and many were quick to get creative with the pieces that they already owned.
In the comfort of our own homes, and during the times that we venture out with masks to do food shopping or simply to stretch our legs, we have managed to make the best of the situation when it comes to fashion. It’s all about comfort and minimalism: whatever makes us feel the most at home in our own spaces.
But many of us have surely been using the slight monotony of isolation to get creative and muster up new ways to play around with fashion and beauty as well.

The closing of salons has led many to opt for home-made makeovers, just like Bella Hadid, who cut her own bangs recently.

Milan and Paris conducted virtual fashion shows last July 2020, in keeping with the new imposed safety standards regarding public events.

New beauty brands came into light, such as Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Fenty Skin by Rihanna, and Keys Soulcare by Alicia Keys.

Some notable collaborations include Louis Vuitton x NBA, Dior x Nike, and Gucci x The North Face.

Several high-profile women in fashion, like Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, wonderfully announced their pregnancies earlier this year.
We have all this and more to look forward to – fashion and beauty is always transforming and who knows what 2021 will bring?

By Sophie Jocson