About us

ThEye Magazine Team

Editor in Chief
Rosalba Dimonte

Fashion and Beauty Photographer
Riccardo Ferrato

Social Media Manager
Sara Trenti

Graphic Designers
Alessandra Dessena
Alex Zago

Natasha Dunn
Sophia Jocson
Sophie Easton
Marie Louise Bloch

What is ThEye Magazine?

ThEye Magazine is a fashion and beauty publication founded by owner and editor in chief, Rosalba Dimonte. Dimonte established a fashion magazine as a blog at the end of November 2019. Since then she has worked endlessly to transform it into a popular fashion publication made in England. The main goal behind ThEye is to provide a voice for new talents in both the field’s of fashion and beauty.

At ThEye Magazine we supply fresh talent with the chance to showcase their projects and fashion stories.

How do we help new talent?

At ThEye Magazine we use an international platform called Kavyar, where you can submit your fashion editorials and stories. Once you submit your work, we will then evaluate and see if it suits our unique style. Additionally you may be provided with a chance to showcase your work on our magazine cover!

What can you send us via Kavyar?

  • Fashion Editorials
  • Beauty Editorials
  • Cover Stories (Magazine Cover)
  • Your Fashion Story in a PDF Format

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