Fashion groups are more than expected. A brand, rarely, could survive alone, without collaborations, ambassadors or sponsors in the deep and sometimes not so transparent ocean of the market.

Thinking about the French luxury sector, we all know Kering and LVMH groups, which control most of the brands worldwide. But there is not only luxury. And the term itself “luxury” could express a concept that is sometimes confusing and inadequate.
What does luxury mean? Richness? It seems that everyone has an own definition. For sure it is not always a synonymous of elegance, especially when wealth is shameless exhibited. But at the same time, luxury brands need more time, money and research to affirm themselves as status symbols and to become iconic.
Meanwhile fast fashion groups, such as Inditex or H&M groups, continue to expand their realm apparently without worrying about anything else. They just care about their client’s hunger to buy and the Black Friday is just around the corner.
To stay on the topic, there is a new interesting case, part of the H&M Group and based in Sweden, colleague of all the following brands, all characterized by selling products at a high competitive prize:

  • H&M
  • H&M Home
  • COS

Remember this last name because they have a fresh news: the Swedish AFOUND had just launched a beauty collection starting from November 23rd offering a mix and large assortment of items (also vintage designer parts and second hand clothes), coming from internal brands within H&M Group as well as external ones, like Babyliss, Beautyblender, and Revitalash to mention a few. If you did not know, Afound was born online in June 2018, not as a new label but actually as an ideal shop together with its first store opening at Drottninggatan, the Queen’s road, in Stockholm. Since then, Afound opened digital stores in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. For now they consist in six stores: two store markets and four online. To summarise it has been defined a bargain platform: 1 Euro corresponds to 100 SEK in Sweden. On Instagram users are encouraged to use the hashtag #ItsAfound when finding a perfect deal. The brand will share your shot on its official profile.
And most of all, seasons don’t count.
How many times have we wondered where the clothes end up when the store needs to change its windows? The answer for the H&M Group is Afound offering residual stocks from the retail trade. Instead of pollute the environment destroying the clothes and burning them, as it was unfortunately a habit not a long time ago, this sustainable new approach makes sense right now, in particular because the stores of the fashion houses are bursting at the seams because of the pandemic. It won’t solve the issue but maybe can help.

By Alessandra Busacca