Animals in Fashion

Fashion covers tend to be shiny and striking. They need to make you desire the possession of the magazine and together sell juicy contents. It is not an easy task.

The new mascots for advertising campaigns are not always models, celebrities, or sexy boys, but also animals: the true best friends of humans! And we are not talking just about the classic pets.

The symbiosis with nature worldwide is a crucial theme and if we think about the urban system, which is absorbing space with the construction of skyscrapers or invasive companies buildings, we can observe different behaviors in societies. The relationship with animals and the surrounding nature must be recovered and transformed on new formulas of coexistence without the prominence of an element on another. This reflection is exactly the intent of recent images that are emerging in different domains, which take inspiration from the iconic photos in b/w below by established fashion reporters, such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, or Peter Lindbergh.

Kangaroos and elephants became the fascinating companions of beautiful journalistic pieces even in glossy magazines. Not a folkloristic sign, but a true added value, although used to sell an imaginary, unfortunately, in some cases, very far from the reality. Such a contradiction somehow, thinking of the use of leather and other animal materials for the production of clothes…the big conquer was the “anti-fur” movement that exploded in the 80s and 90s, developed to oppose the use of animals for fur as well as hunting, trapping, whaling, or capture of animals for use in zoos. … Without this movement many people would be unaware of the things that had happened to many animals in order to make a fur coat. And a lot must be done.

Fashion Houses, always on the razor’s edge for their survival, as extremely dependent on environmental and social changes, seem in harmony today with all kinds of creatures, but there is one above all that launched the trend and that is still on the mouth of everyone.

We are obviously talking about Gucci, which even presented a legendary reinterpretation of the Noah’s Ark for the cruise of 2019 underlining the precious line between humans and animals.

On the spur, Alessandro Michele created worlds teeming with different species such as hens, pigs, even horses, comfortable, as ever before, with the daily human routines.

And the same happens for other brands, which navigate the wave.

By Alessandra Busacca