Beyoncé Shines In Adidas’s Most Inclusive Campaign

The queen bee herself stars in the newest international video campaign from German sportswear brand Adidas, launched last week the 19th of April 2021. 

Beyoncé together with over twenty other diverse athletes, activists, and artists promote Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” campaign in twenty short individual documentary-style film clips that will be slowly released throughout this spring and summer season. The campaign is revolutionary, representative, full of real emotion, and 100% THEYE MAGAZINE approved. 

The AdidasImpossible is Nothing” campaign promotes genuine representation, and not just representation for representation’s sake. The campaign shows a truly broad range of protagonists, portraying people from contrasting sports, numerous and varied ethnicities, different genders, and a great deal of various nationalities. 

Adidas chose these athletes, environmentalists, artists, and celebrities meticulously

and according to their genuine credibility within their own individual communities, to speak to and provide inclusion to all people all over the globe. Adidas states on their website, “we believe that through sports we have the power to change lives. By striving to expand the limits of human possibilities, to include and unite all people in sports, and to create a more sustainable world”.

The “Impossible is Nothing” campaign’s diversity and representation is additionally magnified by the expressive and moving storytelling documentary-style of how the campaign is displayed. The fact that the campaign is separated into twenty different parts, really allows the stories of each individual to take the spotlight. It also permits that some of clips are able to be narrated in that particular star’s native tongue, adding a supplementary personal and extremely powerful element. All of the stories from AdidasImpossible is Nothing” campaign show the very raw human side of both Adidas and the iconic stars showcased in it. 

Adidas’ slogan to go along with the “Impossible is Nothing” campaign is “we see the world with possibilities where others only see the impossible”. In every of the videos from this campaign series, the protagonists are shown displaying and sharing their possibilities with everyone. Beyoncé’s video excerpt is no exception. Her film for AdidasImpossible is Nothing” campaign was released first and powerfully invites all viewers, you, me, them, us to see their true possibilities in sports and life. The video features images from Beyoncé’s previous collaborations with her own sportswear brand Ivy Park x Adidas, as well as adorable childhood home-videos, and spectacular never before seen footage and behind-the-scenes from her Formation World Tour in 2016. 

Also highlighted in one of Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” campaign videos, is Siya Kolisi, the very first Black captain of the South African national rugby team. His video discusses the strengths and powers viewers have inside themselves to not only see all of their sincere possibilities, but to also recognize the vigour of hope and unity in sports and the world.

Brazilian Tifanny Abreu is an additional remarkable international icon depicted in Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” video series campaign. She is the first trans-gender woman to play in Brazil’s Women’s Volleyball Superliga (Superliga Brasileira de Voleibol), the most prestigious professional volleyball competition for females in Brazil. Abreu invites viewers to believe in and embrace the real possibilities of their own genuine identities with courage and true acceptance, narrated mostly by herself in her native Portuguese (with English subtitles).  

German born and New York City based creator and CEO of Parley for the Oceans Cyrill Gutsch, is another noteworthy protagonist portrayed in Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” campaign. His video for the campaign shows the vast possibilities of turning used plastic and discarded beach waste into products that both empower humanity and clean the oceans.

Others also starring in AdidasImpossible is Nothing” campaign include:  Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova, Angel, Candace, Chiney, Layshia, Liz, Nneka, and Moriah of WNBA, Mexican female footballer Charlyn Corral, American basketball player Damian Lillard, Austrian Tennis Player Dominic Thiem, Canadian tennis player Felix Auger-Aliassime, Indian Olympic sprinter Hima Das, French tennis player Kristina Mladenovic, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah, American gamer Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins), French footballer Paul Pogba, Indian actor Ranveer Singh, German footballer Serge Gnabry, Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, and

members of New Zealand’s national All Blacks rugby team. 

Adidas’ goal of “uniting and including all people in sport” is clearly met.

By Marie-Louise Bloch