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With this light glimmer, with restaurants and pubs reopened we need to talk about the makeup trends for this SS21. First and foremost NO-MAKEUP MAKEUP  If you are looking for a light weight makeup, this is the look for you, this particular makeup helps you enchanting your base despite your imperfections. COLORFUL MAKEUP We all […]

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Foreo Beauty skincare

We believe in good skincare and big passion, so, which name is better than FOREO?I love buying new products and spending all my money on clothes and beauty products, but I love it, even more, when I know there is a great story behind the brand. For today a big shout out for Foreo skincare, […]

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The Best Oversized Blazers of SS21

If you buy anything this spring/summer ensure that it’s an oversized blazer. A throwback to the past and the perfect way to complete that summer look. And if you’re struggling to suss out the ideal piece for you then have no fear. I’ll be divulging the best oversized blazers of SS21, which will include some […]

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A few steps for a great beauty routine

If you need any advice about how to use skin care products for your beauty routine, here is a short guide to follow. There are two different processes, one for the morning and one for the nighttime. Morning skincare routine: 1 Cleanser: this product is essential to get rid of dead skin, pollution and dirt. […]

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All you need to know about acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions among men and women all over the world, but what causes it? How to prevent and cure acne? Acne, a skin condition common among teenagers can be caused by excessive oil, blocked pores by dead skin or bacteria. There are different types of acne: whiteheads blackheads […]

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Get the summer look

Time to go on holiday and you need some advice about what to put in your suitcase to always be on trend for the summer?Here we are to help you pick the right things, let’s get started. 1 The number one item you cannot leave at home is your swimsuit; now there are many different […]

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Our Current Lip Obsession: Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balm

The category is…lip-care meets glossy lip-colour. And Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balms go above and beyond all, continuing to steal the make-up world’s spotlight in one glamorous swipe. Keep reading to learn more about this ravishing and multitasking lip-product and discover why you, too, absolutely need it in your life and in your beauty […]

Zaful Dalmation Dot Bikini


Donning a swimsuit seems a peculiar notion after the past few years. But with a slow ebb of normality returning to everyday life it may not be too long before we’re able to hop back on a plane, or at the very least head down to the local swimming baths.  And with that fanciful thought […]


Eyebrows, a love story…

Raise your hand if you hate your eyebrows and you wish to have a full bush over your eyes! You’re not alone, times when a subtle line was on trends, are long gone and now it’s all about hairy brows.  The latest trend for our beloved eyebrows is: Brushed up eyebrows. This trend is all […]

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Get your skin ready for the summer with tan Luxe self-tan serum

Summer is coming and you definitely want to get your skin ready for, how to do it? Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum by Tan Luxe is here to help you! Tan Luxe super glow serum will help you to achieve the holiday look you always wanted and get the selfie right without any filter on […]


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