Brown around town

Is brown becoming the new black? This shade used to be thought of as drab and flat – brown simply was not the go-to for any adventurous or classy outfit. Black, white, grey, red, gold, blue – nearly every color would be considered before we even land on brown.

Not anymore, it seems. Neutral tones have been taking over our feeds, and everyone can’t get enough of this toned-down shade. Minimalism is gaining momentum again as the hip fashion trend, and bright colors are being kept just in the closet. Brown, fleshy shades are coming out more and more, and brands such as Jacquemus and Skims have transformed this shade into a style staple.

Don’t fear the monochrome! Also, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking boring or as if you’ve taken a turn for the old and rustic. Take a look at these sophisticated looks worn by some of our favourite style icons or showcased on the latest runways, and you might have a change of color preference.

Bella Hadid – monochrome wonder

Kendall Jenner – LBD (little brown dress)

Kim Kardashian – multi toned getup

By Sophia Jocson