Burberry Adopts New Augmented Reality Feature

Last year Burberry launched a successful AR (augmented reality) shopping tool and recently the British brand has added an additional AR feature on both their App and their official website. This innovative AR feature serves to highlight the Pocket Bag handbag from their Spring Summer 2021 and Pre-Fall 2021 collections, designed by Burberry’s current chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci. Continue reading to discover more about Burberry’s exciting deep-dive into the future of fashion.

Augmented Reality

First of all, AR or augmented reality is an interactive and user-focused experience that usually includes visual, auditory, and sometimes haptic or tactual perception modifications. It adds additional virtual aspects to facial features or the surroundings of the viewer by overlaying digital-content into the physical real world. Popular examples of AR in today’s pop culture are the facial filters or surrounding filters that can be used and shared on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok. For marketing or advertising purposes and especially increasing brand awareness, AR can be incredibly beneficial. AR strongly escalates brand engagement, brand interaction, and customer’s knowledge on the merchandise while simultaneously increasing the value of the products. AR can also help to create a sharper communication channel and assist customers in making stronger and more satisfactory purchase decisions.  

The Pocket Bag Handbag

Secondly, Burberry’s Pocket Bag handbag is very much the star of Burberry’s new AR feature. It was influenced by previous heritage and iconic Burberry handbags. Tisci was most closely inspired by Burberry’s “Michelle Shopper”, a soft luggage piece that was widely popular in 1981-1990. The fabulous new modern it-bag mixes both the aesthetics of elegant vintage luggage with a modern utilitarian feel that has recently been dominating runways. The Pocket Bag handbags all contain a bold front pocket (some styles come with a stamped Burberry logo here) and elegant yet double strengthen top handles that allow the handbag to be used as a cross-body bag, a shoulder bag, or as a tote bag. The Pocket Bag is offered in three sizes: mini, medium, and extra-large and is available in a wide array of colours, patterns, and a varying canvas to leather ratio styles. The Pocket Bag handbags start at about £785. 

How to Use Burberry’s Newest AR Feature

Thirdly, this interactive AR feature is most easily accessed on the Burberry App, and can then be found under The Pocket Bag Collection under the lower Discover tab. To begin creating your very own personal virtual Pocket Bag seashell sculpture, simply follow the Start button and the following straightforward prompts. Just touch the display symbols to shift between surveying and designing the surroundings of the handbag. Use the right and left arrows on the bottom row to change the Pocket Bag you wish to design around. The four Pocket Bags that are available to decorate around are: The Horseferry Embossed Pocket Bag (in a soft fawn-colour), The Mini Soft Pocket Tote (in black), The Mini Two-Tone Pocket Bag (in black and white), and The Pocket Clutch (in black). The just launched AR feature allows customers and Burberry enthusiasts to view four different styles of The Pocket Bag from all-and-every-which-way, while surrounding the handbag with beautiful virtual seashell sculptures. Burberry’s newest AR feature allows customers to closely digitally examine products, while never setting foot in a brick-and-mortar Burberry boutique. Thus, perfectly solving Covid-19 related problems, until the world returns to a total normality. 

Nevertheless, can we expect AR to become a continued fashion standard for Burberry? Burberry has not yet given a direct response to this, but we can assume the answer is yes according to their past history with AR. In February 2020, Burberry introduced their online shopping experience with AR that featured Google Search technology. It let customers view Burberry products in 3D, scaled to accurate size, and shown in the real-world environment of the customer’s home (or wherever the customer was currently doing their online shopping). In addition, Burberry also had previously launched two AR filters on Instagram. One advertising the Spring Summer 2021 collection that featured a suspended very surreal rotating cube that displayed the date and time of the collection presentation. While the other AR filter is a TB Summer Monogram, that is used with the front-facing camera and places the Burberry and Tisci Monogram first in a subtle iridescent swipe over the viewer’s face and then slowly changes to a blue and yellow colour scheme. 

No matter what the future of 2021 or the years to come have in store for us, we can always count on Burberry to find a way to visually or realistically bring true British fashion to us. 

By Marie-Louise Bloch