Burberry is the first high-end brand to partner with Twitch to livestream fashion show

Burberry has announced that it is partnering with live video streamingservice Twitch for its Spring /Summer 21 fashion show, which is setin the British outdoors. It is the first high-end fashion brand to do so.
The show will be completely remote, with no guests attending inperson, the company said in a statement.

Back in June, Burberry announced that its Spring/Summer 21 showpresented in September would take place in an outdoor setting andwould be livestreamed with no audience present, but it did not giveany further details.
Burberry will use Twitch’s Squad Stream function, which allows up tofour creators to go live and stream together in one window and itmeans Burberry hosts will be live-streaming the show together in onewindow. 
The company said that “this will provide virtual guests with the abilityto view multiple perspectives of the show at once and conversethrough Twitch’s chat function, creating a personal, inclusiveexperience”.
Burberry said that Twitch is “at the frontier of live entertainment”.Twitch, which is known for its links to the gaming world, has beenrecently broadening its scope to include music and the arts.
“Inspired by the fashion house’s longstanding desire to push theboundaries in digital innovation, the collaboration with Twitch is thenext step in Burberry’s journey to continually engage with itscommunity through curated content and experiences,” it added.
The fashion brand’s chief marketing officer Rod Manley said:“Burberry has always been a brand of firsts and partnering withTwitch continues this legacy. Twitch unlocks an exciting new spacewhere our community can be digitally transported to feel like theyhave a virtual seat at our live show. It is an interactive experiencewhere guests can connect with both our brand and each other whilstpersonalising their viewing journey.”
Fashion houses around the world have been experimenting latelywith different formats to present their collections while they seek tomaintain the charm and anticipation of their catwalk shows in the ageof face masks and social distancing.

Maria Peftouloglou