Cannes&Venice Film Festivals

An utterly irregular March brings with it the sad news that the Cannes Film Festival will now suffer a postponement, most likely stretching to June 2020 at the earliest. And with Cannes shutting its doors until a later date, it is highly likely that the Venice International Film Festival will not be long in following suit. So, during a Global Pandemic what does this now mean for two of the biggest Film Festivals in the world? And for that matter how does this additionally impact the Fashion Industry? In this article The Eye Magazine delves into the history which brought about two of the most glamorous Film Events in the world and looks back at the finest fashion moments they’ve produced over their time in the limelight.From its early beginnings in 1932, the Venice International Film Festival has made a name for itself as one of the most prestigious annual events there is, attracting celebrities, actors and directors the world over. And perhaps not well known within the public realm, the equally as enchanting Cannes Film Festival was born from Venice back in 1938. Originally set to proceed in 1939, Philip Erlanger is the man we must thank for its creation. But with events ominously mirroring our current crisis, it was not to be, and the first Cannes Film Festival opened its doors in 1946 after the end of World War Two. Arguably these two events could originally be said to rival one another, but in a contemporary environment, animosity of the past is dispersed, and they run cohesively, Venice’s notorious festival taking place in September and Cannes beginning the festivities in May.Undoubtedly these two festivals were created to celebrate the art of film making, but it cannot be argued that they are additionally huge landmarks in the world of fashion. As actors, models and many more file in by the hoard, Cannes and Venice have brought some of the finest global fashion moments the world has seen and provide an excellent excuse for both designer and celebrity to ‘show-off’. From skimpy mink bikinis to fabulous ballgowns this is truly fashion and style at its very best. But with the unfortunate reality of postponement and cancellation, I will be looking back at some of the most memorable looks that have ever been produced at the Venice and Cannes Film Festivals.

The top pick ultimately must be Diana, Princess of Wales arriving at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987, dressed to perfection in a baby blue Catherine Walker dress with matching accessories.

And of course, another fashion icon adorns this list. Timothee Chalamet causes a stir in his almost futuristic silver Haider Ackermann suit at The Venice Film Festival 2019.

Head to toe animal inspired print is a resounding yes for Tilda Swinton, showing off a dynamic and daring Schiaparelli ensemble at The Venice Film Festival in 2018.

Glamour and prestige are truly encapsulated in the likes of Sophia Loren. The 1955 Cannes Film Festival saw Loren step out in a luxurious ball gown with jewels and gloves to match.

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival saw Elle Fanning debut this sophisticated Christian Dior 1950’s throwback. Fully equipped with hat and stiletto heel, an added is edge provided from the sheer pussy-bow blouse with statement sleeves.

And finally, we see Anne Hathaway at the 2008 Venice Film Festival wearing Versace’s twist on the classic ball gown with a strapless top and floor length skirt embellished with layers upon layers of purple toned frills. Unfortunately, these memorable looks will have to keep us contented for the time being whilst the grim reality of the Coronavirus causes mass disruption to everyday life. But even as the current crisis rages on, one can take comfort in the fact that all things do indeed come to an end and in the near future we will once again be graced with the glamour and fashion prowess that is the Venice and Cannes Film Festivals.

By Natasha Dunn