Careers in Fashion

The fashion industry has always been a world that is wrapped in a sort of haze of glamour andprestige. An everyman might view the industry as being characterized by high fashion brands, glossy magazines and famous designers.

One would not simply venture into finding a job in fashion if he or she was not really passionate about it, as it is a common misconception that making it in this industry would be extremely difficult, similar to making it as a singer or as an actress.
You might think that in order to make in fashion, you would have to study in one of theprestigious fashion universities or institutes. You might also assume that the only viable jobs might bethat of the designer, the model or the makeup artist. It is easy to get discouraged with all the industry requirements, and the obvious need for financial backing in order to produce any collection, but there are many ways for anybody to be able to have a crack at the field of fashion.

First and foremost, it begins with passion. If you are passionate enough about clothing,design, styling or whatever else, you should spend a lot of time into doing some research, and learning about the field of your choosing. Expand your knowledge about the industry by perusing books, films, magazines, and other resources. It helps to look into the conception and the beginnings of your favourite brands, designers and other fashion folk. You might learn a thing or two from their stories.

One recommendation of mine is a recent documentary produced by British Vogue which stars Alexa Chung and is available on YouTube, entitled The Future of Fashion.If the passion and the love for the craft is there, the next thing to do might be to take the firststeps. If you feel that a proper education is something that would further enhance your skills, give you an extensive introduction to the industry and foster important connections, then go ahead and apply to a fashion school of your choosing. Some popular options include Istituto Marangoni (with campuses worldwide), Central Saint Martins (London) and FIDM (Los Angeles). There are numerousscholarships on offer for talented individuals every year. For example, one of those newly offered by Istituto Marangoni is the Branded Scholarship which covers 50% of the tuition fees.

If you already have some background in the industry and would prefer a more hands-on,practical approach, then you might want look into the many internships that are available, be it asdesign assistants, showroom personnel, etc.
The most important thing is to stay driven. Your dream career cannot come into fruitionwithout hard work and determination. Should you fail along the way, don’t get discouraged! That is part of the learning process. There are plenty of jobs that you have a chance for, apart from designers or models. You can work to become a garment technologist, retail buyer, fashion writer, PR officer, personal stylist, among many others.

By Sophie Jocson