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McQueen: a creative help

In moments like these, when you wake up in the morning and you know for sure you are going to spend another day indoors; maybe tomorrow it will be the same, and so it will […]

Men’s fashion weeks

The four Fashion Capitals say no to men’s fashion shows for June 2020. New York, London, Milan, and Paris postpone men’s fashion weeks to September, together with women’s fashion weeks. The French capital also announces […]

the future of fashion week

Paris, Milan, London and New York. Four of the finest Fashion Capitals the world has to offer, all brought to a shuddering halt with the outbreak of Covid-19. And with the globe quaking under the […]

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fashion and other drugs

Let’s all pretend today is a usual Sunday, we feel lazy. Late morning but still in bed because, why not? Tomorrow is another working Monday; another hard week is about to start. We finally find […]

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elle fanning main

Cannes&Venice Film Festivals

An utterly irregular March brings with it the sad news that the Cannes Film Festival will now suffer a postponement, most likely stretching to June 2020 at the earliest. And with Cannes shutting its doors […]


Even though the Presidents all around the world have not considered fashion in their decrees about restrictive measures due to Coronavirus, fashion is seriously contributing to the case. Every day we are studded with numbers. […]

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lady gaga attends the 2019 met gala celebrating camp notes news photo 1147404621 1557178678

Met Gala: beyond creativity

From the latest news, we have learned that the Met Gala 2020 has been postponed due to the global chaos.When at the beginning of March 2020, the disease started spreading around the globe, the insiders […]

Influencers at the time of COVID-19

Influencers at the time of the CoronavirusIn this time, when every government is taking action according to what they consider appropriate for the situation, how are influencers reacting to this international pandemic?You might think: who […]

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new creative directions

A new era of creative directions has begun, from Moncler Genius to Prada with Raf Simons. What it will be of the definition: “creative director“? What does it mean for a brand?From couturiers like Worth, […]