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adidas x reebok

Adidas plans to sell Reebok

Reebok is a company that has been on the radar since the late-1990s. The brand’s collaborations with Shaquille O’Neal and the National…

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fashion schools

Fashion Schools

I would like to dispel the widely held myth that fashion is about clothes. It is not.Or better, not only. When it comes to choosing the best schools in the world to study fashion, everyone […]

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fashion 2021

A Year In Fashion and Beauty: 2020

Cropped, pixie haircuts? Virtual fashion shows? Skirt-suits?These are only some of the trends that made waves throughout the fashion world this year. The industry has had to adapt to the times, and our preferences have […]

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hm afound cover


Fashion groups are more than expected. A brand, rarely, could survive alone, without collaborations, ambassadors or sponsors in the deep and sometimes not so transparent ocean of the market. Thinking about the French luxury sector, […]

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notes from the silence

Ouverture of something that never ended

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, had already announced a change of path in an official statement titled “Notes from the silence”. The delicate pages from his personal diary, conceived during the pandemic, are a message […]

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louis vuitton 2021

‘Game On’ by Louis Vuitton

You can always count on Louis Vuitton to create campaigns that are not just note-worthy, but also innovative. Their advertising strategy has been commendable as of late, presenting an image and advocating for a lifestyle […]

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kimono trend 2021

A must have: Kimono

In Japanese kimono literally means “something to wear” and later on it became more than just a T-shaped “dress”. Originally from China, influenced by the Han people’s traditional clothing during the middle of 1600s, it […]