CBD: Is it really the wonder ingredient we have been waiting for?

We use it to cook, clean, work out and de-stress, but now CBD oil is swiftly becoming a must-have in the beauty world too.
Looking through online beauty stores right now, you may have noticed the extensive use of the ingredient. There are CBD masks, shampoo, lip balm, scrubs – the list goes on and on. The craze was further emphasised when actress, Kristen Bell launched a new CBD skin-care line earlier in May.

So, what is CBD exactly? And why is there so much hype?
Firstly, no, it will not get you high! CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is an ingredient found in cannabis sativa plants – a distant relative to the plants that produce marijuana or hash. Despite it being considered a chemical compound, it’s a natural substance that is completely safe to use due to the fact it doesn’t affect dependency and has no toxicity.
This sustainable product holds some major advantages for skin. Adding on to it’s relaxing and pain relieving properties, CBD is a strong antioxidant and a great moisturiser. It acts as a stabiliser, regulating both hydration and inflamed skin – making it a great choice for irritated, acne-prone skin. It’s pain-relieving qualities also work well for tired-looking, aging skin, aiding in calming the skin down.
Still, with new skincare products comes new responsibilities. Like any new product you try, always check the ingredients. It has been known that some products that state CBD on their label, might only have a little or even none of the extract at all. And others may have too much. However, by March 2021 all CBD products have to be approved for safety and legitimacy, using clinical trials. Despite the wondrous online hype, the product should be used with knowledge and understanding – though, the same can be said for any new skincare product. CBD comes with both benefits and flaws and should be used appropriately. I’m sure you don’t need another thing to stress about right now!

By Rachel Douglass