Coach, redefined.

Far from the usual route taken by high-fashion brands, wherein a lavish production and towering supermodels take center stage, Coach went in and reinvented the concept of the ‘virtual’ fashion show. A nine-minute film was their way of presenting their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, which featured a collection of eccentric clips and anecdotes, complete with an equally diverse cast of characters that include famous names such as Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Thee Stallion, Cole Sprouse and Kaia Gerber, as well as K-pop stars Hyuna and Dawn. “Coach TV” seems more than just any creative project to adapt to the requirements of the new, digital fashion age – it distinguishes the brand as one which is unafraid to engage in popular culture and employ its quirks and trends, all the more adding to the desirability of their image, especially to younger audiences. They are, as it seems, not afraid to have fun. Coach Forever Season Two is more than just a fashion campaign, it is a nostalgia-driven passion project that feels like a party. Tapping on different celebrities with varied fan bases was a clever marketing move, as their supporters tuned in to the visual presentation, and most likely came away wanting to acquire the many Coach leather goods and clothing that their idols were sporting.

One of the things that I’ve said about the Coach family was [that] if the shoot was a party, you’d have a really good time, and that’s what I really wanted to achieve,” Stuart Vevers, the Executive Creative Director of Coach, had said.

Ever since his appointment in 2013, Vevers has been the champion for the redefinition of the brand, contributing greatly to its turnaround from being no longer in its prime. His more youthful approach has pushed the brand to mainstream success. You likely remember seeing his campaign with American sensation Selena Gomez, which reintroduced the brand in a whole new light. His vision appealed greatly to a new audience and established Coach as a brand to watch, with a recently launched ready-to-wear collection containing pieces that attract a wider customer base.

Have a look at Coach Forever Season Two, available for viewing at the official Coach Youtube page.

By Sophie Jocson