Everything You Need to Know About the E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin Collection

American E.L.F. (eyes, lips, and face) cosmetics brand has paired up with hairstylist
to the stars, social media innovator, and entrepreneur Jen Atkin. Their collaboration,
E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin, is a vegan and cruelty-free affordable beauty line that includes
five must-have everyday make-up and hair products. Join THEYE, as we dive in and
spill all the shimmering and matte details of this exciting new partnership.
Jen Atkin is a VIP hairstylist, with a major client list that include Madonna, Lindsay
Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry, all of
the Jenner and Kardashian family and many more. In addition to her brilliant hair
styling skills, Jen Atkin is also the founder and creator of Ouai and Mane Addicts.
Ouai is a cruelty-free and luxury haircare label that also includes a pet shampoo line,
a fragrance line, and a hands and body skincare line. Mane Addicts is a digital
platform for the hair community, it provides a gateway to hair education for
hairstylists, hair gurus, and consumers wanting to connect with a top hairstylist.
Mane Addicts offers educational tutorials and sells haircare and hot tool accessories.
E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin embraces Jen Atkin’s entrepreneurial spirt by donating to the
female focused mentorship non-profits, Girls’ Network (UK) and Girls Inc. (USA) for
every post that features E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin products and has the hashtag

ELFMADE on social media till the end of April.

Now to all the specifics and fabulous aspects of the products from E.L.F. xx Jen
Atkin collection, titled get your E.L.F. together. We love that from the five various
cosmetic products included in the collaboration all are: vegan and cruelty-free, super
user friendly, and will not break the bank. The Jen Atkin let’s E.L.Fing do it palette (£
11), is an all-across-the-board eye and face palette that includes a bronzer, a blush,
four eyeshadows, and a highlighter packaged in E.L.F.’s traditional minimal and chic
style. The eye and face palette has both shimmery and matte complimentary colours
and comes in a lighter and a darker variation allowing anyone to recreate and
reinterpret Jen Atkin’s graceful and natural make-up look. Jen Atkin xxtra lip duo
(£ 6) is a super convenient dual sided lipstick and lipliner stick that comes in three
matte and very pigmented shades: red-y to go (a coral red), sE.L.F. made pink
(mauve toned pink), and bring it on brown. All three colours are also available
together in Jen Atkin xxtra lip kit (£ 14) and can easily also be used as a cream
blusher. Jen Atkin hair and brow pomade (£ 5) is one of our favourite multi-use
products from the collaboration, mostly due to the ease of this product as well as the
micro-brush that works perfectly to smooth both flyaway hairs and wild stray brow
hairs. It comes in a transparent universal colour with a powerful long-lasting formula
that keeps you looking polished and neat no matter how stressful or chaotic the day.
Jen Atkin zero effort liner (£ 4) is an incredible cream-to-powder pencil eyeliner with
a soft satin finished look that easily smokes out and then stays put all day. It can also
be used safely and beautifully for a sharp eye-catching look by lining your waterline.
Jen Atkin zero effort liner is available for purchase in two essential hues, jet set black
and brown to earth. If you plan on buying both the Jen Atkin hair and brow pomade
and the Jen Atkin zero effort liner, we suggest that you also check out the Jen Atkin
eyes up here kit (£ 9). This kit contains both the Jen Atkin hair and brow pomade and
the Jen Atkin zero effort liner in addition to a two-sided brow and eye brush, that has a spoolie brush on one side and a skinny slanted brush on the other. Jen Atkin mist
me (£ 6) is a refreshing non-sticky and soothing facial mist with nourishing coconut
extract and skin-softening Vitamin E. For best results use it on your bare skin before
applying make-up, for wetting your beauty sponge, and for finishing and setting your
final make-up look.
All of the products mentioned above from the E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin collection are
obtainable currently at http://www.elfcosmetics.com and will also be available at Boots
online and physical stores the 14 th of April 2021.

By Marie-Louise Bloch