Fashion and food

What a delicious recipe! Bad or good taste is not only a matter of fashion. Speaking about food and beverage, there are a lot of iconic dishes, which represent visual reincarnations of philosophies and cultures, as well as clothes.

The surreal combination of the two elements could create sublime images that tickle our appetite and make our mouth water.

This is because both fashion and food stimulate a brain area linked to fantasy, eroticism and pleasure. Cooking and most of all undress while cooking, is a mantra for a romantic couple desiring to bring some spice to the table, you know what I mean, as several movies inspire. Eat, pray, love! Sorry for the cliché.

However, the haute cuisine and luxury brands can go together especially for business: clients around the world love to visit the latest restaurants openings or to test custom made experiences. “Citron” in Paris by Simon Porte Jacquemus is an example of the phenomenon, and became the place to go for a French Provencal breakfast surrounded by yellow lemons and terracotta pots. And the same we could say for the starred Emilia Burger by Massimo Bottura in the Gucci Osteria in Florence or Los Angeles. And to stay in the US, the Hamburger is one of the symbols of Andy Warhol art, a sincere and irreverent fashion icon. He filmed himself while loudly chewing a burger exploiting the “misophonia”, the sound sensitivity syndrome used in some advertising campaigns to evoke hunger.

Supermarkets, empty of people but full of succulent items, appeared as the main characters of fashion ads, as soon as street markets or fancy kitchens.

The most edible fashion creations, used sometimes as gift are with:

  • Candies, cakes, sweets or delicious coloured macarons (usually paired with jewels)
  • Eggs and mushrooms;
  • Pasta (as Fendi last show invitation);
  • Fruits and vegetables as @gabbois perfectly designs on her instagram account;
  • Croissants or pretzels, as ironically teaches @toucheconomy with some of her creations

The fixation on food in the fashion industry can raise a reflection linked to food diseases in society, such as bulimia or anorexia and this is a serious topic not to be underestimated, but at the same time, we can read the trend as a subtle rupture of the stereotype that models don’t eat or that fashion doesn’t appreciate the ancient art of nourishment.

Just a funny pill: the model Cara Delevingne has a tattoo on the sole of her foot, a little important secret for all of you: the word “BACON”. You definitely do not have to be thin to look beautiful.

By Alessandra Busacca