Fashion Schools

I would like to dispel the widely held myth that fashion is about clothes. It is not.Or better, not only. When it comes to choosing the best schools in the world to study fashion, everyone thinks to design a dress, in the end. The programs instead are very varied, going through history to politics, art and cinema, because the most important thing in every field is to deeply know the past to understand the present you are living.

This premise to tell that it is not important which school you are going to, fashion has a universal language that nobody can teach us because it has no grammar and constantly evolves. What we can learn through it, it’s the infinite storytelling of freedom, self- expression, and simultaneously, the spirit of belonging. We can explore different worlds, with no fear of contradictions, still or moving images are part of the same vortex of ideas. Creativity, passion, curiosity are the qualities to nourish and take care of.Then the paths change depending on what you want to go deep in: media and communications? Advertising? Graphics? The best advice is to examine all courses in advance and in detail.

Below, a bunch of buildings where to find friends like you looking for their firefly in an amid of other thousands lights:

ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, ANTWERPThis Belgian city is becoming a fashion leader more than a follower, though only 100 students are allowed to cross its doors. The school forms an emerging elite of experts whose focus resides in innovation and development.

ISTITUTO MARANGONIYou are spoilt for choice: programmes in Italy, UK, France, China, India and recently still in Miami. You will practice a lot your talent experimenting different sectors with prestigious mentors.

PARSONS, THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN, NEW YORKYes, you will probably learn how to draw everything. Notable alumni? Tom Ford, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang.

LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHIONDifferent curricula with a special eye on sustainability, here you can combine different paths depending on your knowledge and creating a tailor made course for your needs. Part of the University of the Arts London (UAL) as another notable fashion school: Central Saint Martins.

ESMOD The École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode is a private school founded in Paris in 1841 and Simone Porte Jacquemus (love him!) attended for a short time. Read it as a good sign.

BUNKA FASHION COLLEGEKnown from the 1960s for his avant-garde design as well as marketing and fashion technology. First it taught people and families to make clothes; then Yohji Yamamoto emerged on the international fashion scene and drove the rise of modern Japanese fashion.

By Alessandra Busacca