#FashionTikTok Trends That Are Here to Stay

TikTok is the video-based social media digital platform that was released in 2016,

and is consistently continuing to take the world by storm. Whilst the majority of

TikTok users and high ranking TikTok influencers are still millennials, Generation Z,

and younger demographics; the fashion world has also been tuning in. Big names in

fashion like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Nike, JW Anderson, Jacquemus, Gym Shark and

Louis Vuitton are just some of the fashion brands creating TikTok specific ads,

campaigns, contests, and live streaming their newest collections.

TikTok is a social media network that is not to be ignored. And the fashion industry is

paying attention very closely. The fashion world’s involvement in TikTok started out

as a public relations and marketing strategy largely due to the TikTok influencers’

truly massive following. High ranking TikTok creators largely over shadow Instagram

influencers in terms of followers and public pull. TikTok’s top influencer Charli

D’Amelio has an astounding following of over 110 million followers, with Addison

Rae, and Bella Poarch following close behind with 78 million and 59 million followers

respectively. To put into perspective, the entire UK has a population of about 67

million (according to Eurostat and World Bank as of 2019). Needless to say, TikTok

creators have an impressive power at their finger-tips. And the world of fashion is

determined to embrace it.

Establishing and promoting international fashion trends is just one of many jobs

these TikTok stars perform. It is safe to say that major fashion TikTok influencers

have similar sway in the fashion community as famed fashion bloggers, “it” girls,

celebrities and prominent models do. Giant fashion modelling agencies are also ever

more using TikTok to discover new fresh faces and uncover new stars, adding to

TikTok’s fashion industry’s creditability. #FashionTikTok or #FashionTok (with over 1

billion views) are the leading hashtags for fashion trends, style hacks, and more

fashion related content on TikTok. Some major #FashionTikTok trends that made a

huge appearance last year and are continuing to prove their fashion sway this year

are: tie-dye, lace-up cropped tops, oversized graphic t-shirts, hot pink leopard print

and the ever-fabulous croc-embossed faux leather.


TikTok superstar influencers love their tie-dye. Anything from tie-dyed Covid-19

facial masks to tie-dyed bucket hats and tie-dyed body-con dresses can be seen all

over the social media platform. Fully embrace this Bella Poarch approved trend by

giving the all over tie-dye trend a go. Test out Shein’s tie-dye pullover and jogger set

in yellow (£ 22) and see just how cool you look.

Lace-Up Cropped Tops

Follow Loren Gray’s lead and opt for a stylish yet cute lace-up cropped top. These

tops can be short sleeved or long sleeved depending on your preference. Ssheena’s

lace-up ribbed cropped sweater (£ 173) is a great choice for partaking in this trend. It

is both alluring and classic with a modern sporty chic touch.

Oversized Graphic T-shirts

The ultimate at-home and going out cool-girl statement fashion piece are large and

in charge graphic t-shirts. The extra-large graphic t-shirt is both super comfortable

and truly trendy. This timeless trend can be dressed up or dressed down; and it is

perfectly suited for during or post quarantine in style. Try this fun ASOS Looney

Tunes t-shirt (£ 24) and channel your inner Addison Rae.

Hot Pink Leopard Print

This #FashionTikTok trend is not to be overlooked. Go feline and feminine like

Jordan Ray or Baby Ariel with magenta leopard print. Wear this bold print in a

romantic and whimsical dress like Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini’s leopard print pink

maxi dress (£ 190) or go edgy in Ambush’s hot pink leopard print turtleneck (£ 158).

No matter which specific style you decide to go for, you will be sure to make a vivid

fashion-forward statement.

Croc-Embossed Faux Leather

Embrace your inner rebel without harming any animals with a fantastic crocodile

embossed faux leather fashion piece. Choose any croc-embossed faux leather skirt

or jacket and you are well on your way to fully adopt Kimberly Loaiza’s sassy style.

We suggest MSGM’s embossed faux leather skirt (£ 152) for its easy wearability and

cool but classic feeling.

By Marie-Louise Bloch