Foreo Beauty skincare

We believe in good skincare and big passion, so, which name is better than FOREO?
I love buying new products and spending all my money on clothes and beauty products, but I love it, even more, when I know there is a great story behind the brand. For today a big shout out for Foreo skincare, which, in the last decade has sold more than a 36milion products all over the world revolutionizing the world of beauty for all those consumers who love to take care of themselves with a special eye on the tech.

Their first and most popular product was Foreo LUNA
Foreo LUNA is a special skincare product that combines, cool design, high tech, and ad hoc skincare, in fact, with its technology Foreo LUNA can analyze your skin hydration and create a personalized skincare routine for your type of skin, it comes in six colors so that you can buy your favorite one according to your mood.

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The second product they created was Foreo ISSA
Foreo ISSA is an ultrasoft toothbrush, different in design and comfort from the conventional electronic devices for oral hygiene.

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For those who love cute and sweet design, there is Foreo BEAR
It does indeed look like a beat!!! Foreo Bear is an at-home toning device, it helps to relax facial muscles, reduce fine lines and puffiness. Foreo BEAR is such a smart device because it measures the skin resistance to electricity and so adjusts its power to your skin to guarantee you maximum safety while you are taking care of your beautiful skin.

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The last device from Foreo is Foreo UFO
This is a complete facial treatment at home. Why spend 20 minutes on a facial that leaves you with itchy red skin when you can have better results in 90 seconds? Foreo UFO mini utilizes warming, T-Sonic pulsations, and LED lights and teams up with natural Korean mask formulas to provide targeted care and ensure flawless skin.
Foreo UFO has to be used with masks, so you’d better use their masks for better performance.

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So, what are you waiting for? Make your skin happier with Foreo skincare.