Hair Brushes

Rapunzel knew it already. Captive in her inaccessible tower she passed her days and nights just brushing her long golden and magical locks thinking of a way to reach freedom.

As in fairy tales, hair has a strong symbolic connotation, an expression of living energy, capable of constantly recreating itself. And they could also represent the identity of a person itself.

Due to their importance, here some brushes names you can find to better treat and pamper your hair.

What about the whole set?

The Harry Josh Pro Tools kit in the mint shade is something to literally lose your head over.


The detangling brush is the best for the hair that knots out easily. It comes in different colors and patterns you can even personalize (becoming then the most wanted gift) at just 14 $. Perfectly sizes to any bag and it’s the best while traveling. Simply love it.


Classic, wide, or tight, depending on the status of your hair, if wet, the first solution is preferred.

The materials could vary from wood to plastic (but also sustainable as the one made of eco-ceramic): wooden comb (18 $ the Bachca Paris one) has natural fibers perfect at conditioning the hair. In the tail comb, the ending part, so tiny, can be used for flawless partitioning and sectioning.


Metal or not, to make curly hair, create volume, and style your bangs, this is a necessary tool.

T3 (40 $) for the professional ones is designed with a luxe rose gold aluminum + ceramic-coated bar.


Essential for straight hair, like the ones made by Swissco: soft and color in the sky, mauve or pink.

This is available at just 8 $.


If you do want a brush but you are vegan, search for a vegan brush, like the Truly one (30 $), totally animal-free and cruelty-free. In fact, the best in the world are typically made from boar bristles—as in, hair from a wild boar.

By Alessandra Busacca