Haircuts in Trend

After a few months or so of sporting the same hairdo, you might find yourself taking good long looks in the mirror and wondering how you can transform your look with a fresh cut. It’s almost like routine for most of us, especially when we are going through particularly poignant parts in our lives, and we’d like to mark the occasion by spicing up our appearance just a bit.
And, yes, we all have been going through a year that hasn’t been particularly enjoyable for the most part. But why not indulge your curiosities in carving out a new look for yourself? The new year is coming after all, and if this past year has taught us anything beauty-wise, it is that it takes more than a pandemic to dampen our passion for self-care.
Here are a few eye-catching haircuts that have been making rounds among our favourite It-Girls that might serve as your model to show in the salon:

  • NOUVEAU PIXIE – Angular, sleek and low maintenance, this short bob has been the symbol for manic-pixie-dream-girls in the turn of the century. Now, it has returned and in full fashion, with supermodel Kaia Gerber being a notable influencer for such a trend.
  • FRINGE FEVER – It seems that it isn’t just the pixie bob that has returned, but also – bangs. Models such as Taylor Hill have indulged themselves during lockdown by getting classic bangs a-la-Jane Birkin.
  • CLASSIC WAVES – With the onslaught of new styles, there are always going to be the permanent staples that work for almost every face shape, such as the classic, wavy hairstyle. It can be worn casually or dressed up for any occasion, as demonstrated by Gossip Girl alum, Blake Lively.
  • A POP OF COLOUR – It isn’t just in the cut that we can express ourselves through our hairstyle, but also in our choice of added colour. Gone are the days of just blonde, brunette and redhead – the new generation has welcomed putting striking shades in their hair, the most famous culprit being singer Billie Eilish.

By Sophie Jocson