Holiday Beauty Looks

It’s official. The holiday season is underway and we should celebrate the fact that all the unfortunate events of 2020 have not completely dampened our festive spirit. People are still planning intimate gatherings and buying special gifts for their loved ones.

The Christmas lights have been propped up in various corners of most cities. Gift guides and holiday party tips are published on many fashion websites. And of course, ThEye is not one to disappoint in this case.

We have already given you a short of holiday dresses to look through, fit for a wide array of styles and budget ranges. But of course, no festive look is complete without some effort in the beauty department. We have to make sure that every aspect of our look is in harmony with the rest, so we can peacefully enjoy our social nights feeling fully confident with our look and not shying away from the camera.

It’s understandable that some of us want to keep it low-key considering all the crazy things going on in the world, but if there are some who want to let loose and just enjoy being able to still spend quality time around their favorite people, then that’s fine as well. So, the list of makeup looks that follow is varied – some are subtle, some are posh, and some are just flat-out eccentric. Whichever ones you prefer, it has to be tailored to your own tastes and mood for the season, of course. And since, this isn’t a list of full-face beauty looks, it’s up to you to mix and match as you’d like.


bright-coloured eyeliner

bold-edged cat eye

festive eyeshadow

simple pink shadow & light eyeliner


strong statement red

barely there glossy sheen

very deep mauve


fresh au naturale

dewy, flushed blush

bronzed evening glam


sleek high ponytail

soft, natural waves

slicked back & regal

By Sophie Jocson