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makeup trends SS21

With this light glimmer, with restaurants and pubs reopened we need to talk about the makeup trends for this SS21. First and foremost NO-MAKEUP MAKEUP  If you are looking for a light weight makeup, this is the look for you, this particular makeup helps you enchanting your base despite your imperfections. COLORFUL MAKEUP We all […]

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Foreo Beauty skincare

We believe in good skincare and big passion, so, which name is better than FOREO?I love buying new products and spending all my money on clothes and beauty products, but I love it, even more, when I know there is a great story behind the brand. For today a big shout out for Foreo skincare, […]

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The Best Oversized Blazers of SS21

If you buy anything this spring/summer ensure that it’s an oversized blazer. A throwback to the past and the perfect way to complete that summer look. And if you’re struggling to suss out the ideal piece for you then have no fear. I’ll be divulging the best oversized blazers of SS21, which will include some […]

sephora products ill never give up the everygirl 1

A few steps for a great beauty routine

If you need any advice about how to use skin care products for your beauty routine, here is a short guide to follow. There are two different processes, one for the morning and one for the nighttime. Morning skincare routine: 1 Cleanser: this product is essential to get rid of dead skin, pollution and dirt. […]

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All you need to know about acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions among men and women all over the world, but what causes it? How to prevent and cure acne? Acne, a skin condition common among teenagers can be caused by excessive oil, blocked pores by dead skin or bacteria. There are different types of acne: whiteheads blackheads […]

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Get the summer look

Time to go on holiday and you need some advice about what to put in your suitcase to always be on trend for the summer?Here we are to help you pick the right things, let’s get started. 1 The number one item you cannot leave at home is your swimsuit; now there are many different […]

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Our Current Lip Obsession: Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balm

The category is…lip-care meets glossy lip-colour. And Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balms go above and beyond all, continuing to steal the make-up world’s spotlight in one glamorous swipe. Keep reading to learn more about this ravishing and multitasking lip-product and discover why you, too, absolutely need it in your life and in your beauty […]

Zaful Dalmation Dot Bikini


Donning a swimsuit seems a peculiar notion after the past few years. But with a slow ebb of normality returning to everyday life it may not be too long before we’re able to hop back on a plane, or at the very least head down to the local swimming baths.  And with that fanciful thought […]


Eyebrows, a love story…

Raise your hand if you hate your eyebrows and you wish to have a full bush over your eyes! You’re not alone, times when a subtle line was on trends, are long gone and now it’s all about hairy brows.  The latest trend for our beloved eyebrows is: Brushed up eyebrows. This trend is all […]

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Get your skin ready for the summer with tan Luxe self-tan serum

Summer is coming and you definitely want to get your skin ready for, how to do it? Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum by Tan Luxe is here to help you! Tan Luxe super glow serum will help you to achieve the holiday look you always wanted and get the selfie right without any filter on […]



Simplicity is key. Surely, this resonates with most of our fashion mantras. Although, we would like to indulge in a colorful or eye-catching piece or two, we often like to adhere to a standard of minimalism and elegance. It won’t take much to feel put-together and confident, if you dress however you wish and use […]

Find out the hair trends for 2021

Will Bright Colours Be the New “Normal” in the Beauty World Post-Covid-19?

Are we saying goodbye to neutrals in both hair and cosmetics post-Covid-19? According to L’Oréal Paris’s new CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, says there has been a significant increase in L’Oréal Paris’s sales of more daring hair colours, (specifically bright blue hair dye) which could mean that more vivid make-up colours will also be trending soon. What […]

Clothes for rent at selfridges

Selfridges Now Offers Designer Fashion Pieces for Rent Online

Selfridges, the London based high-end department store chain has recently announced an added online fashion rental service together with Hurr. Hurr is a digital womenswear marketplace that focuses on more sustainable wardrobe selling options such as renting and purchasing second-hand fashion pieces. Selfridges had previously offered fashion rental services exclusively at select in-store locations, and […]

levis sustainable campaign

Levi’s Sustainability Campaign

Levi’s, the American based denim brand that is credited for creating the very first blue jeans, has launched a new international sustainability focused campaign for spring 2021 that even Mother Earth can get behind. Keep reading to discover all the eco-friendly details and exactly which renowned activists and high-ranking celebrities have partnered with Levi’s for […]

beyonce for adidas

Beyoncé Shines In Adidas’s Most Inclusive Campaign

The queen bee herself stars in the newest international video campaign from German sportswear brand Adidas, launched last week the 19th of April 2021.  Beyoncé together with over twenty other diverse athletes, activists, and artists promote Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” campaign in twenty short individual documentary-style film clips that will be slowly released throughout this […]

Burberry borsa 3D

Burberry Adopts New Augmented Reality Feature

Last year Burberry launched a successful AR (augmented reality) shopping tool and recently the British brand has added an additional AR feature on both their App and their official website. This innovative AR feature serves to highlight the Pocket Bag handbag from their Spring Summer 2021 and Pre-Fall 2021 collections, designed by Burberry’s current chief […]

e.l.f. xx Jen Atkin Lets e.l.f.ing Do This Palette 1617847013 compressed

Everything You Need to Know About the E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin Collection

American E.L.F. (eyes, lips, and face) cosmetics brand has paired up with hairstylistto the stars, social media innovator, and entrepreneur Jen Atkin. Their collaboration,E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin, is a vegan and cruelty-free affordable beauty line that includesfive must-have everyday make-up and hair products. Join THEYE, as we dive in andspill all the shimmering and matte […]


The Best Of:Adidas by Stella McCartney

“Keeping physically fit also keeps you mentally fit, which is critical now”-Stella McCartney British luxury fashion brand rooted in sustainability, Stella McCartney, has enjoyed along-term and super successful collaboration with German active brand Adidas.Adidas by Stella McCartney created and continues to create coveted functional,fashion-forward, and most of all eco-friendly sportswear. Not to mention, thepartnership began […]


Asian designers we love

We at ThEye believe in fairness and equality. Hence, it both saddens and angers usthat there have been so much unwarranted discriminatory attacks against the Asiancommunity, especially in the United States. We express complete support for the movement, Stop Asian Hate! These shocking incidents should be condemned. In light of this, we would like to […]

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Coach, redefined.

Far from the usual route taken by high-fashion brands, wherein a lavish production and towering supermodels take center stage, Coach went…

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Your caffeine beauty fix

Coffee makes the world go round. Isn’t that how the saying goes? At least, that’s how it is for caffeine fiends like myself who cannot go…

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House of Gucci

The brand Gucci is probably known worldwide as being synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The name itself seems to open doors into…

Rebalancing the skin microbiome boosts skin and scalp resilience promo feature cover

Skin microbiome

When we think of beauty, our skin should naturally be one of the focal points. It is the largest organ in the body, and should not be…

golden globes 2020

Golden Globes Awards 2021

Global pandemic and all, Hollywood pushes forward with a semi-glamorous (mostly virtual!) awards ceremony that might have received mixed…

tick tock trend

#FashionTikTok Trends That Are Here to Stay

TikTok is the video-based social media digital platform that was released in 2016, and is consistently continuing to take the world by…

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Brown around town

Is brown becoming the new black? This shade used to be thought of as drab and flat – brown simply was not the go-to for any adventurous…

milan fashion week 2021

Milanese Fashion Trends To Make You Say “ Fantastico”

Dream your sweetest non-pandemic fashion daydreams with these truly fantastico and illustrious trends, taken straight from the digital…

trends 2021

Top Trends From London To Increase Your Post-Pandemic (Fashion) Optimism

The fashion world’s new sense of positivity was pleasantly apparent during London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021 collections. Check out…

valentines day

Getting Ready for Valentines Day

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, enjoying a ‘Galentines’ with friends or even using the 14th of February as…

hair brushes

Hair Brushes

Rapunzel knew it already. Captive in her inaccessible tower she passed her days and nights just brushing her long golden and magical…

make up tools

7 Makeup Tools that you won’t forget in 2021

For an impeccable beauty routine, a determination is the first ingredient. The others are in the list below, and in just 10 bullet…

healthy life

What is Health?

There are many tried-and-tested obvious habits that result in our overall good health. Simply put, we should eat fruits and vegetables,…

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The Acne Dilemma

Every time our face is captured on camera, we want our skin to look blemish-free and almost flawless. This is why even just a single spot…

chiara ferragni pregnancy

Pregnant Fashion Influencers to follow in 2021

Who said that mamas couldn’t be also influencers? Speaking of a topic wrongly defined as “female”, if you are a future mum you will be…

adidas x reebok

Adidas plans to sell Reebok

Reebok is a company that has been on the radar since the late-1990s. The brand’s collaborations with Shaquille O’Neal and the National…

fashion food

Fashion and food

What a delicious recipe! Bad or good taste is not only a matter of fashion. Speaking about food and beverage, there are a lot of iconic…

holiday beauty looks

Holiday Beauty Looks

It’s official. The holiday season is underway and we should celebrate the fact that all the unfortunate events of 2020 have not…

puffer jackets

All About Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket might be notorious for being a ski essential, or at least an obvious piece in winter attire, but there is so much more…

animals in fashion

Animals in Fashion

Fashion covers tend to be shiny and striking. They need to make you desire the possession of the magazine and together sell juicy…

winter skincare

Winter Skincare 101

The sudden change in the weather as the season transitions from a warm summer, to a cozier fall, and now a very chilly winter, can take a toll on our skin. Some products that might have worked for us in the heat, might not be effective anymore in these colder temperatures. Just like with clothing, […]

fashion schools

Fashion Schools

I would like to dispel the widely held myth that fashion is about clothes. It is not.Or better, not only. When it comes to choosing the best schools in the world to study fashion, everyone thinks to design a dress, in the end. The programs instead are very varied, going through history to politics, art […]

fenty beauty lipstick madamn slick

Red Lipstick in History

You know the drill. Face the mirror with a steely gaze, mouth puckered and ready, your staple shade of rouge grasped between your fingers. One coat, a good colouring. A second coat, cementing the boldness of the shade. Et voila! You almost feel transformed into another individual, or at least, you feel an upsurge in […]

fashion 2021

A Year In Fashion and Beauty: 2020

Cropped, pixie haircuts? Virtual fashion shows? Skirt-suits?These are only some of the trends that made waves throughout the fashion world this year. The industry has had to adapt to the times, and our preferences have evolved with it as well.While 2019 brought us both eccentric and comfortable fads, such as those regarding biker shorts, neon […]

hm afound cover


Fashion groups are more than expected. A brand, rarely, could survive alone, without collaborations, ambassadors or sponsors in the deep and sometimes not so transparent ocean of the market. Thinking about the French luxury sector, we all know Kering and LVMH groups, which control most of the brands worldwide. But there is not only luxury. […]


Finding The Right Scent

Your scent is your signature. It is one of the things that reveal yourself to a person upon meeting them, and it is also usually something that leaves a lasting impression. So we all take great pains to choose a proper perfume or cologne, and once we find the ones that fit us, we always […]

notes from the silence

Ouverture of something that never ended

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, had already announced a change of path in an official statement titled “Notes from the silence”. The delicate pages from his personal diary, conceived during the pandemic, are a message to the human kind and a deep reflection on life and on narrative purposes. The “possibility to tell, so ancestral […]

louis vuitton 2021

‘Game On’ by Louis Vuitton

You can always count on Louis Vuitton to create campaigns that are not just note-worthy, but also innovative. Their advertising strategy has been commendable as of late, presenting an image and advocating for a lifestyle that is able to keep up with the ever-evolving facets of the world. With designer Nicolas Ghesquière at the helm, […]

kimono trend 2021

A must have: Kimono

In Japanese kimono literally means “something to wear” and later on it became more than just a T-shaped “dress”. Originally from China, influenced by the Han people’s traditional clothing during the middle of 1600s, it has been chosen as the national costume of Japan. Kimono is a genuine revolution in terms of gender and empowerment, […]

Moncler sustenaibility

Sustainability chez Moncler

Moncler is still at the top as the Industry Leader of ‘Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods’, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe, which measure the impact of enterprises on the environment, economy, culture and society. As the word is often misunderstood, sustainability is not synonymous with “ecology” including also other relevant […]

dior modern tailoring 1

Modern Tailoring According to Dior

A refreshing, new collection from Dior has just been launched, borne from the mind of the brilliant creative director Kim Jones.No, this does not belong to the mania of seemingly unvarying, branded lines of men’s fashion that are thrust into the mainstream such as those from Supreme or Yeezy. A stark contrast to the bright […]