How to Achieve Eye Lifting at Home

The good news is you don’t need botox or an expensive treatment to tighten up your eye area. There are ways that you can easily do yourself at home and achieve your desired result.

  • Eye Massage

Massage can help strengthen the delicate eye area, tone, and slim the whole face and can even make the whites of the eyes sparkle! “Eye massage is an underrated but extremely effective practice,” says Joanna Czech, who is a skincare expert and global consultant at La Mer. “The right massage also ensures the maximum absorption of the components of the eye cream you wear, as only 30% of the effectiveness of an eye care product depends on its components. The remaining 70% is about the way you spread it“, Joanna Czech emphasizes. She has developed an eye lifting technique that helps get rid of the fatigue and puffiness around the eyes; “First you start around the eye by pressing and releasing your fingers (index and middle).To create a lifting effect on the upper eyelid, make – from the inside out – small pinches and light pulls upwards that last almost 20 seconds. On a scale of discomfort from 1 to 10, you have to endure a strong eight“. Joanna Czech recommends doing this massage three times a day and the lifting results will be visible in the next 3 days. “My other secret ‘weapon’ is a pair of teaspoons, which I always keep in the fridge. By placing them cold on your eyes while having them closed, all the fatigue disappears.

Natural Face Mask

An effective and natural solution to tighten your skin and achieve a youthful look is the combination of yogurt and lemon juice. This homemade recipe will help you eliminate the wrinkles and tighten the loose skin on the eye area, as well as, the whole face.


1 teaspoon yogurt

1 teaspoon lemon juice


Mix the two ingredients. Apply the mask evenly on a clean face while massaging. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Rinse and moisturize.

Maria Peftouloglou