There is no absolute magical formula that can solve acne, and wearing a surgery mask all day longin this pandemic era, might not help to prevent it. But there are two smart attitudes in a daily routinethat can really cure both skin and spirit: steadiness and patience.

In fact, the cure for acne is a long beauty process that requires time, so it is normal not to seeevidences of significant improvement after spreading a gel or a cream for just one week. It must bewaited between 7-11 days at least, pretty much the same time a caterpillar takes to turn into abutterfly.

In the title there is a word that recalls five points that are crucial to understand the causes of acneand that can help to cure and prevent it: genetics, uncarefulness, environment, stress and salycilicacid.

G enetics takes a big role in the appearance of acne on skin

U ncarefulness could be the aggravating behavioural factor of acne: skincare is important!

E nvironment is the key element: pollution is never good for our health

S tress is the emotional factor of most of our worries.

S alycilic Acid: could be a special ingredient for a cure.

This last point is a component that must be identified in every anti-zits cream: C 7 H 6 O 3, commonlyknown as salicylic acid, obtained from willow bark, the same active ingredient of aspirin. Legendssay that the ancient Egyptians were the developers of this drug, as explained in the Papyrus Ebersdated 1550 a.C. kind of medical document full of “grandma’s remedies” for the health.
Combined with peppermint and mud you can create a special recipe for acne but of course alldepends on the type of your skin. That’s the reason why the first point not to forget is genetics.And the article does not play as a doctor, but reminds us to always consult a dermatologist.
At this point, an important consideration has to be done: you are not the only one facing this issueand it is right looking for a remedy. Lot of models, even VIPs and thousands of girls and boys likeyou could prove it. It is no a shame. And the same goes for those who are not even struggling tocure acne, because they simply like as they are.

By Alessandra Busacca