How To Have A Glowing Skin only using what you have in the fridge

What would you consider an essential item? Food, drink, washing up liquid? How about a facemask?

Well the unfortunate truth is probably not. And with supermarkets in near chaos and stock flying off the shelves in seconds, this semi-luxurious item may be hard to come by. But do not fear, I have a solution to your skin care concerns and all it takes is a simple trip to your refrigerator. I will be guiding you through the steps to keep your skin glowing and healthy whilst self-isolating, and all it takes is a simple trip to the kitchen! Number one- it’s time to make better use of your yoghurt! Not only does it work as a moisturising agent, but this creamy delight can also fight the effects of aging! All you need is a few simple ingredients, which you can also conveniently source from your own kitchen. If you are suffering from dry skin in need of some hydration you can use this simple yoghurt-based recipe. Take four tablespoons of yoghurt and a tablespoon each of cocoa and honey, then mix.

Once prepared, apply to your face and leave for thirty minutes for maximum hydration. When thirty minutes has passed, rinse with cold water and pat dry. And there you have it, with this simple recipe you’ll never be scouring the pharmacist’s shelves again in an effort to sooth your dry skin. However, if it’s wrinkles that you are looking to combat in your skin care regimen, then we will have to locate another ingredient, again conveniently located in your kitchen cupboard! Take two tablespoons of yoghurt and one tablespoon of oats and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, apply to your face and upper neck ensuring that you use circular motions. After fifteen minutes you can remove the mask with cold water. This gentle scrub ensures younger and healthier looking skin. But skin care is not all yoghurt has to offer! As an added bonus, yoghurt can also be used to condition your hair and even treat dandruff.

Number two-Now you may already guessed this one, cucumber! It has stood the test of time when compared to many other beauty fads, suggesting its viability within the skin care world. You probably are well aware of its uses in treating swollen, tired eyes. All you have to do is take two slim slices of the vegetable and rest on closed eyelids, which will help relieve the swelling in no time.

But have you ever heard of cucumber acting as an after-sun treatment? No? Well say no more! Using the same principle as a cucumber ‘eye-treatment’, once again take slim slices of the vegetable and apply to your face. After fifteen minutes the cucumber will have worked its magic and you will be left with fresher and less irritated skin. Number three- Time for the wild card. Butter! There is a certain lack of appeal in rubbing butter on your face, but trust me, once mixed with other vital elements, it can be used in creating a facemask which is sure to promote healthier glowing skin. All you need to create this ‘glow’ enhancing facemask is one banana and a teaspoon of butter. Mash the banana in order to create a paste, then add the teaspoon of butter to the mix and continue to mash! Once the mixture is ready apply to your face with a spare make up brush and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with cold water and voila, you’ll be sporting that natural glow in no time. And if these homemade concoctions are simply not enough there’s plenty of other household products to keep your skin going! Examples include raspberries with their pore shrinking abilities. And we have all heard of aloe’s skin healing properties, but how about trying your hand at a coriander face pack. There is a world, or rather a kitchen of possibilities out there.
So, get experimenting and transform your culinary skills in order to become a skincare connoisseur, and achieve that glowing skin you’ve always craved!

By Natasha Dunn