How To Hydrate Your Skin At Home

I am pretty sure anyone who is reading this article has, at least once, tried home remedies for your skincare routine.The word routine includes consistency that due to our busy lives, we don’t usually have.
What better time than this to take care of yourself and your skin?How can you get a smooth and soft skin at home? Many women are already thanking this lockdown for the benefits it is bringing to their skin.Now more radiant without all that smog that every day stands on our face.Some others blame the radiators or the lack of light and vitamin D for the dryness and the presence of various impurities on their faces. A few common Ingredients The best-known beauty companions for moisturizing both face and body skin are sweet almond oils and the famous Argan oil found in many products. The most recommended is the pure Argan oil,but unless you have returned from a trip to Morocco lately, where you have stocked up this product,we will advise you on other practical home-based remedies.Some of the foods already purchased during the past weekly grocery shopping will come to your rescue.

Among these, some previously mentioned for the glowing skin, which we talked about in the previous article. As an example, olive oil, yogurt, and honey.

Time to take some notes! Stay Hydrated with Potatoes First of all, for dry skin, the best friend of all time is undoubtedly water. Drink at least oneliter and a half of water every day. It is the fundamental ingredient for every result you wish to have. To increase the recommended intake of liquids, herbal teas and juices may help you, but also vegetables, these will help not only of the skin but also your nails and hair.Among the friendly plants, fantastic food are potatoes! We are not saying you should eat them all! Create a mask with an exfoliating powder that will eliminate the excess of dead cells from your face. Three tablespoons of mashed mixed with 60 grams of yogurt create a homogeneous compound to spread on the face and neck. Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with hot water.Repeat this twice a week, and you will immediately see the result of your face! How to get hydrated skin all over your body? Eliminating dead cells from your body will help you to get more hydrated skin is, the only way to do that is to do a scrub session. There are millions of methodologies to create one at home at our convenience.It depends on your tastes really, like if we talk about food, or on the ingredients, you have at home. You must have one soft and one solid base to create the rubbing. The most famous edeffective is the one made of sugar, honey, olive oil, and lemon juice. It is not necessary tokeep it on but rub the skin and rinse in the shower.The same rules and fewer ingredients apply for the one made of salt and olive oil.

After all this working out and using the food for our beauty routine, we will come out of this quarantine more appealing and fit than ever before!

By Pamela Romano