how to smart work in style

Feeling comfortable and well with yourself has never been so important as now. For some of us, it not only about staying at home, in pyjamas or sweatpants, even having to work from home. This includes online meetings or video calls. Although the idea of keeping the pyjama pants is so tempting, we will give you some advice to be comfy and smart at the same time. What to wear and what not to wear for a stylish smart working When this quarantine started, it was the middle of the winter, we will probably get out of it at the end of this spring, and in the meantime, the temperature in the house has changed and is still changing. So, we have gone from cashmere and wool perfect for the cocoon style you now must make room, and the change of season if you haven’t already done so, to blouses and dresses soft and floral. Floral prints for the spring?
Ground-breaking said, someone. But it is not If we are talking about smart working. Go for more professional colors such as blue, black, white, and beige. Remember always to keep a blazer handy that will give you that right leader allure. Do you want to play safe with your top? To save you, there is the evergreen white shirt, which you can dress up with accessories.

We all know that the first thing you did when you returned from the office was to remove earrings, necklaces, and watch. But now the home is your office, and you must treat it as such for some hours a day. Give yourself some schedules or a routine to follow, along with the right look, this combo will keep your mood high, and they will make you forget that staying home is a duty. “It is not necessary to be hyper formal, but switching from home to work mode is a lot important to focus, and clothing plays its part “, these are the words of the company of change management Methods, born in Milan in 1979. Pants and shoes, which ones and why? About trousers, even if they might not be on camera, better going for a soft style, not skinny and constricting if you must sit for an extended amount of time. The same thing applies to shoes. For some time now, going to the office wearing sneakers is super cool, so go ahead with classic white sneakers for a minimal or super neon look for color lovers. You will also be ready for some exercise to alternate with work, to recover some body elasticity. The necessity to choose what to wear every morning is no longer the same, but there is one solution for this too. Choose those items that respond the best to your needs and create a perfect capsule wardrobe. The rest of your clothes will remain safe in your closet, and they will wait for a freedom that seems to be closer, and who knows, maybe this capsule will also help you once go back to the office. Seeing is believing!

By Pamela Romano