I don’t know where but together

It’s 4.10 pm, it’s a wrap for the Milan Digital Fashion Week.For the first time in the history of fashion, there aren’t special guests at the show or the so infamous influencers as spectators of the new collections.
The Digital Fashion week saw two ways of behaving, on one side creative videos where the collections were shown by a message or storytelling and, on the other side the classic fashion show recorded.

Before diving in and analyzing the best and the worst parts of this Milan Digital Fashion Week; ThEye Magazine Team wants to focus for a minute on the video we believe talks the most about the times we are living : MSGM – NON SO DOVE MA INSIEME ( I don’t know where but together).First in the calendar of this Milan Digital Fashion Week, Massimo Giorgetti, founder and designer of the brand has worked with the director Luca Finati in the creation of this short film that has all the elements that represent the spirit of our times.

Here we can find happiness, freedom, and cultural diversity.The characters in the video are free to dance, hug, and kiss each other without boundaries. After listening for weeks news about racism and discrimination coming from some fashion houses; we can finally talk about the good side of fashion, the one we love to celebrate at ThEye Magazine. The one that doesn’t discriminate people for the color of their skin or their sexual orientation, this is the fashion we love, the one that brings us NON SO DOVE MA INSIEME(I don’t know where but together).