Influencers at the time of COVID-19

Influencers at the time of the CoronavirusIn this time, when every government is taking action according to what they consider appropriate for the situation, how are influencers reacting to this international pandemic?You might think: who cares?Well, most of them are becoming promoters of messages, sometimes even cynical, about this Coronavirus.What are seeing those who are forced to stay at home and permanently connected to their social media?

The Ferragnez’s donation

This example seems to be one of the greatest and it is from Chiara Ferragni. The most famous Italian digital entrepreneur in the world is exploiting her 18 million followers to raise awareness worldwide. We can say that she succeeded in that, thanks to the 3.8 million euros raised through the Gofoundme platform. Money that will go to support the hospitals of Milan, Bergamo, and Cremona to which the couple known as TheFerragnezhas allocated 100,000 euros.But if on the one hand there is this philanthropy, on the other the exuberance of those who, forced to stay at home, take advantage of it to always invent something to distract themselves. The flash mob at 6 pm all around Italy is one of the expedient for distraction.

Watch out Kendall!
Chiara was not even afraid to recall those who instead diminished the virus as “a simple flu” like Kendall Jenner. The model has been asked not to spread wrong messages, since a public figure like her may influence millions of people wrongly. We are not sure what’s her idea behind all this since before being morally recovered had worn a sweatshirt with the slogan Please Wash Your Hands. Better the first attempt, Kendall!

Security according to Naomi Campbell

One of the celebrities who has always been careful in regard to the germs is the top model Naomi Campbell. Naomi has sent a loud and clear message with her total look, gloves, mask, and disposal suit worn during her last travels: Safety first! But the tallest expression of her obsession was already shared a few days ago in a video on her YouTube channel where she showed a specific ritual. «It doesn’t make a difference whether you take a private or scheduled flight: people cough and sneeze all the time, and this mask protects me. I don’t care what people think, it’s my health, and this ritual makes me feel better ». This is what the runway black panther says while she is using the sanitizer wipes on every surface from the seat to the seat belt on the plane.
Carla Bruni’s apologies
Another supermodel must apologise for her attitude regarding the COVID-19 these days: Carla Bruni Sarkozy. In an interview during the Paris Fashion Week, the French first lady simulated coughing and diminished the extent of the virus. The performance was certainly not appreciated by the public.In this time of uncertainty and general panic, we should all take a deep breath and learn a lesson from all of this and use our new spare time to focus on our inner growth so that when this all will be over we will be ready to rock this 2020 and for the time being #stayathome

By Pamela Romano