K-Beauty Revolution

If you haven’t heard of K-beauty, you might be wondering what the attached K means… is ita Kardashian trend? Is it yet another beauty fad that promises instant results but to no avail?

Well, if you do know of K-beauty, you would also know of the massive popularity that K or Korean culture has gained in the recent decades. A lot of you might even be a fan of K-pop music and an avid follower of all the K-dramas that audiences around the world have delighted in.

Certainly, Korean culture has permeated the global mainstream stratosphere.K-beauty is no exception to the hype. It is a skin-focused beauty regimen, that boasts ofgiving spotless and glowing glass skin. You’ve probably noticed the seemingly ageless look of South Korean women – this is something that is attributed to their genes and of course, K-beauty.
What is the secret? Skin preservation. Korean women usually start anti-aging skincare early on in order to prevent further damage. They also maintain a rigorous skincare routine, that is concentrated on keeping the skin clean and healthy. They are probably not as occupied with makeup as their Western counterparts. Truly, skincare is key.

So, skin first, make up second! The famous 10-step K-beauty regimen is as follows:
1. Cleanse first and remove your makeup

2. Cleanse (again!) with a foam wash or mousse

3. Exfoliate

4. Tone

5. Apply skin essence

6. Apply facial serum

7. Put on a sheet or gel mask

8. Don’t forget the eye cream

9. Moisturize (!)

10. Always use sunscreen

Well, that surely seems like a lot doesn’t it? But one look at their skin and we might as wellbe convinced. Taking all these measures now just might save us a lot of time later on, when the aging really starts to become a reality. It might seem like a gimmick and you may be a little sceptical, but Korean women do take their skincare seriously. With consistency and dedication, you just mightachieve their highly coveted glass skin look.

By Sophie Jocson