klarna 4 hero

We love shopping , we love it even more, when we can pay in installments, that’s why we all need Klarna.

Rumor has it Klarna has timed up with Hero to make our online shopping experience even more exciting. 

For those who don’t know, Hero is a virtual shopping platform, not a simple fashion or beauty e-commerce with pictures or descriptions but this platform gives you the chance to have an in-store shopping experience in the comfort of your house. When on the website you can see the videos and have the chance to be supported by the virtual stylist who will give you advice about sizes, colors, shapes, and so on.

One of the many virtues of this shopping platform is the clienteling attitude, once you shop on this platform you become an affectionate client, and from that moment on you will be contacted by the stylist when a new collection(with similar characteristics to what you bought) are available or they will contact you to let you know that the size, the color of what you were looking for is now in stock again, definitely, this is the pro version of e-commerce, it gives you the human touch we have so missed in the last year by shopping online, isn’t it?

If all of this wasn’t enough for you to go online and check this platform, as mentioned before, now Hero has timed up with Klarna to make your online shopping experience even more enjoyable. 

Klarna’s chief marketing officer David Sandström said: “We see opportunities for Klarna’s 90 million global consumers to share their shopping expertise as part of a social shopping ecosystem that defies physical and online boundaries, aligned to Karna’s mission to ensure people can shop, bank and pay in ways that suit them and their lives today”

ThEye team was excited about this great news and we hope you do too. Don’t you wait any longer and have a look at their website and enjoy this great shopping experience.