makeup trends SS21

With this light glimmer, with restaurants and pubs reopened we need to talk about the makeup trends for this SS21.

First and foremost NO-MAKEUP MAKEUP 

If you are looking for a light weight makeup, this is the look for you, this particular makeup helps you enchanting your base despite your imperfections.


We all know that colours bring joy and that’s all we need right now. This summer be generous with colours, green flag to colorful and bold eyeshadows, lips and hair!


Is there anything sexier? Red lips is something we love, even if it has never been out of trend, for more than one year we had to cover our face and so we had to put our lip makeup in the draw waiting for better times, so now, even in summer we need this strong colour to spice up the look on our faces. 


If for your entire life you have been part of Cleopatra’s club, sorry girl, it’s just time to change! Black eyeliner no more says summer ‘21, as i said before we need colours in our lives right now, so what’s better than a colorful eyeliner?


For those who are not so lucky to live on the seaside, the bronze effect is the right makeup for you, it gives you exactly what you need for the summer, a glimmer of sun kissed face.