Simplicity is key. Surely, this resonates with most of our fashion mantras. Although, we would like to indulge in a colorful or eye-catching piece or two, we often like to adhere to a standard of minimalism and elegance. It won’t take much to feel put-together and confident, if you dress however you wish and use the colors and tones that fit you best. 

However, one look at the pieces gracing today’s runways suggest that fashion has indeed taken a foray into the extra. Retro prints, over-the-top statement accessories, and the like are being worn on campaigns, events, and even on the streets of our favourite major cities. Amping up your style with some bright and bold apparel need not be overly hard on your budget. Maximalist designs can be found in most high-street brands and online shops. 

What does this mean to wear maximalist? You don’t have to worry about getting a bad rep for being too extravagant and eccentric if you do this trend right. Even then, what matters is that you feel good in what you’re wearing. 

Step outside your comfort zone with these outfit combinations – 


By Sophia J