McQueen: a creative help

In moments like these, when you wake up in the morning and you know for sure you are going to spend another day indoors; maybe tomorrow it will be the same, and so it will be the entire week, it is okay to feel like we can just chill for days, lay on our sofas and watch Netflix all day, what we should use our creativity for?To help creatives to find the right motivation during this period the British fashion house Alexander McQueen has decided to launch two projects from the very beginning of this month. So, creatives, you are not alone, let’s all grow together now, let’s get ready for our creative freedom of tomorrow!The first project to rescue our creative minds is called: McQueen Creators, yes, easy like that. The idea behind this project is to push all the artists who follow the brand on the social platforms to sketch new ideas based on the concepts behind McQueen’s iconic dresses. Each week there will be a different concept and some tutorials from the famous fashion house. You can now submit your project, and you will join a global creative community so that you will feel less alone.As if this is not just enough to help all the fashion artists out there who now feel stocked and powerless, here comes the music.There has always been a deep relation between music and fashion. Just think of all the bands and musicians who have clearly shown during the decades the fashion changes and styles: The Beatles, Madonna, the Spice Girls, just to name a few.Iconic are some pieces they have worn. Musicians have been for ages trendsetters or sort to say the old version of what are now the influencers.Does Gucci’s collection from 2006 ring a bell? Frida Giannini paid tribute to David Bowie in her collection for Gucci in 2006.

The McQueen house wants you to be inspired by the music as well. Their second project is, in fact, called: McQueen Music. This new project allows you to stream the music from McQueen’s fashion shows on Spotify. Nine hours of pure inspiration from orchestra to pop music.We all know this is a hard time for the creative industry, a lot projects and shows cancelled and we can only see uncertainty, but, in moments like these, we should all stand together, work together, and push our imaginations together because creativity can always help us.