Modern Tailoring According to Dior

A refreshing, new collection from Dior has just been launched, borne from the mind of the brilliant creative director Kim Jones.
No, this does not belong to the mania of seemingly unvarying, branded lines of men’s fashion that are thrust into the mainstream such as those from Supreme or Yeezy. A stark contrast to the bright colours and standard patterns that seem to emerge from most new collections nowadays, this new Dior menswear offering looks to be minimalist yet versatile.
And this is just what Kim Jones had in mind. With the capsule collection of three jackets and three trouser styles, individuals would be embracing the traits of contemporary and enduring fashion, easily worn by modern working men and classic creative spirits alike.
True, traditional tailoring might have a street reputation of being stuffy or stiff at times, but this modern reinterpretation combines the label’s couture heritage with an adaptable array that befits the everyday lifestyle. Made from materials such as black virgin wool, micro hound’s-tooth and mohair blend, this capsule pays due homage to the sartorial timelessness of Christian Dior’s craft. All items in the capsule are intended to be interchangeable. Each piece can complement the others in a mix-and-match fashion. It displays the basic colours that might be needed for any event, affording the feeling of dressing formal yet not overdone. The looks are matched with their latest D27 sneakers, perfect for that casual aesthetic.
Piqued your interest? See for yourself in the gallery below:

Dior’s Modern Tailoring capsule collection is available now.

By Sophie Jocson