Makeup trends come and go. It is never really decisive on one aesthetic, which is why the people of any era are free to have fun and experiment with it.
For example, the 80s saw the prominence of excessive, disco makeup. Bold, striking colours were in when in comes to eyeliner, blush, lips and eyeshadow.

Another instance, if we focus on the brows, demonstrate the start contrast between the plucked pencil-thin staple of the 90s, and the full and natural bushy trend of today. Suddenly, those who overplucked their brows in the 90s were quick to lament their past brow faux pas. Brow bars and salons are all the rage nowadays, with the promise of perfectly shaped (and maybe even tinted) brows.
So, it is somewhat hard to figure out which makeup look is in. But a simple scroll through Instagram and many beauty blogs will tell us that one particular look has been making waves and has finally found its niche.
It not even about what type of makeup one wears, but rather how much. When it comes to living out our daily routines, the appeal of the excess has long gone, and it sees that there is a scramble to look as au naturale as possible. People now put maximum effort to look as if they did not put in any effort at all.Lips in their natural shades with just the right amount of gloss, skin pore less yet dewy, eyelashes curled and on point, brows on fleek. Take the camera out for a photo, and strive to look like you woke up effortless – #iwokeuplikethis.
But did we really? More often than not, we’ve all tried to achieve that no makeup-makeup look. It conveys a sense of confidence – looking sleek and minimal is the new it-girl vibe, with clothing as well.
A few tips and tricks compiled from our favourite influencers and beauty blogs are these:

  • Skincare is key – A good foundation for any makeup look is not just the type of makeup, nor the amount, but the condition of your own skin. It is, after all, the canvas the we work with, and proper skincare is the best makeup there is. Remember to invest in a good moisturizer and primer combo that suits your skin type best.
  • Love your lips – Overlining your lips a-la-Kylie Jenner is not the trend to follow for no-makeup makeup. A good lipstick or balm that matches the natural shade of lips is the way to go. Even just lip gloss or chapstick will do – it all comes down to preference.
  • Tame your brows – The eyebrows frame your entire face. Whether they are good or bad, people usually look at them first (especially when they’re badly done!) Do not overpluck nor overshade your brows. Shape them every once in a while if needed, and invest in a good brow gel.

At the end of the day, how you apply your makeup comes to down you. It is important to remember that makeup should be a form of self-expression and self-love and you should always do what makes you feel good and confident. After all, your makeup is something that should only enhance what you already have.

By Sophie Jocson