Pregnant Fashion Influencers to follow in 2021

Who said that mamas couldn’t be also influencers?

Speaking of a topic wrongly defined as “female”, if you are a future mum you will be definitely submerged in information and contradictory guidelines to follow during your sweet expectation (fuck off the idea that there just a manual of behaviors!).

Anyway, the proliferation of digital content and of communities online around pregnancy has really helped several women to front the situation as well as giving the opportunity to discuss it, raising awareness on the theme, sometimes even revealing not so beautiful sides of it.

Yes, the topic is a really delicate one, but it’s different from woman to woman. And some of us girls, let’s say this, don’t even want to hear about it. Some women just don’t care, not because of their age or mood, but because they have other projects in life.

But, lately, how many times we asked ourselves: is it really becoming a trend having a baby? In what kind of world do we live? Somehow it is true. But at this time I prefer to call it positive vibes that pass like invisible electricity through the veins. Sometimes a baby happens, others it’s just sex.

But now, let’s discover some of the best profiles of whom I nicely call: “fashion influencers with a suddenly crowded belly”.


She has been defined as the queen of Instagram and marketing. And now she is pregnant for the second time. So if you like her style, don’t miss all her advice on the theme, because she will have special news every day and an unrivaled spontaneity and human touch, as always, to speak to you.


A French touch. If you do not want to use makeup in this period, don’t worry, just surround yourself with flowers, wear red lipstick (especially at home because outside we have the surgery masks) and a colored pastel fluffy sweater by Rouje and you will feel in contact with her.


Sensual as ever while reading on a sunny day!

She doesn’t want to reveal the gender of her baby and she declared to Vogue: “When my husband and I tell friends that I’m pregnant, their first question after “Congratulations” is almost always “Do you know what you want?” We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then. Everyone laughs at this.”

Bossy baby arrives…


As a Creative Mind, she tells us a good point. I let her speak for herself:

“I can’t tell you how much I miss high-waisted jeans, sushi, and red wine. BUT so proud of this little being who is growing well”.


The baby is born!!! But we all have in mind the beautiful photos taken by Luigi and Iango who witness a joyful and magic moment of Gigi growing an angel…

By Alessandra Busacca