protect your skin and save the planet

Summer is that time of the year when we take more care of our skin, so why don’t we take care of the sea while doing it? To do so, some cosmetic firms came up with ideas for sunscreen and sustainability. They come up with high-tech products with reef-friendly packages. This sounds sweet, isn’t it?

The first one on our list is the sunscreen by Rougj. This sunscreen by Rougj with SPF 30 or 50 is a combo of two components, biphasic formula, and anti-aging effect. The green idea behind these products is that they can give you the maximum protection from the UVB and UVA rays but at the same time they don’t have those chemical elements that damage the sea.

Lancaster Sun Sensitive is our second line on the list, it is the first vegan line by Lancaster. All the products from this line are good for the skin and good for the sea!

Filorga sunscreens need to be mentioned here, they are not simple sunscreens but they are also anti-aging treatments, necessary to keep your skin young and glowing. In terms of sustainability, all the Filorga packaging uses vegetable ink that respects the environment.

Collistar, a popular brand in the field of skincare, now pays more attention to the environment, their packaging is made of 100% recycled material. In terms of formula, this one is innovative, it maximizes the sun’s benefits by stimulating the production of the vitamin D.

Shiseido Suncare contains the formula Very Water Resistant that reduces pollution of the sea. The sunscreens by Shiseido contain more than 50% ingredients good for the skin to keep your skin healthy and protected from the UV rays.

In times like these, we must be less selfish and we need to take care of our environment while still enjoying the holidays, so this summer make a choice good for your skin and the planet.