Spring 2020 fashion trends

In these hours when the panic of a mortal disease is spreading all around the world, and a lot of people are forced to stay at home to avoid the spreading, and we all can’t wait to be free again, it is useful to use our passions as a symbol of hope because all this will soon be over.Spring is coming up and, for all those people who now are indoor, you’d better use your home space as a gym because, when this all will be over, the fashion universe requires you to show off your toned body and start kicking this rediscovered freedom.
Many are the fashion trends of this upcoming spring 2020, and we have decided to show you only a few of them, so, let’s get started now:

1) Disco collar.Have you ever watched Scarface? You must then remember Al Pacino and the combo shirt-blazer because it is the same style! In this spare time, have a look at the shows from Ferragamo and JW Anderson to have a rough idea of how to style it at best!

2) Crochet.For those who are romantic by nature, this is the kind or total look you MUST go for. Dress, top, or skirt is the fabric you want to wear on a romantic date.

3) Bra top.If the quarantine is making you a more active person, well, lucky you, because this spring/summer 2020 wants you to show off your sculpted abs, so you’d better work out harder and focus on those abs!

4) Business Bermuda.If you still need to go to the office during this upcoming season, don’t worry, the heat won’t kill you with this new outfit. Picture it: suit trousers but shorter and more stylish, because you can still have an office attire without looking boring.

5) Polka dots.You can love or hate this print, but it is becoming a big deal this season. If you are not a fan of it, you can always wear a blouse with almost invisible dots on it and a super chic pleated long skirt and be trendy, till being in your comfort zone!

6) Hot pants.Don’t let your Abs be the only focus of your home workout because hot pants are a thing! This a trend that scrams #hotlegs! If you believe this is not a look for you because you are way too classy for this, why don’t you give it a go with a colourful long blazer as a top?

6) Jungle print.Raise your hand if you are not still shocked by Jennifer Lopez’s performance at Versace’s show, I mean she hasn’t changed a bit from the 90s! Yes, we all want to look like her in our 50s… This all to talk about the green dress she was wearing at the show. The jungle print that now comes back from the early 90s is going to be very trendy this spring 2020. Our advice is to spend a bit of time in the sun and get that glowing darker skin because those tones look stunning on a golden complexion.

These are just a few of the spring 2020 trends, have a look online and get ready to show off your style soon!