sunglasses ss21

As July encroaches in on us, we have been struck by increasingly hot weather. The sun is shining brighter and so are our plans for the future. Naturally then, we all have to don sun cream, hats and take on other protective measures to ensure we don’t get inflicted with the dreaded sunburn. What many may forget is that we additionally must protect our eyes and the best method to do so is through a pair of sunglasses. However, this is not just a matter of sun safety but indeed of fashion, so get ready for the sunglasses of SS21. Safety and style all wrapped into different types of shades, delightful. 


The aviator style is definitely a trend withstanding the test of time and it’s understandable considering they simply ooze classic ‘cool-ness’. And with brands such as Ray Ban offering aviators in their polarized sunglasses range, they’re safety conscious and glare free too! If you’ve been living in a cave for the past forty odd years and you’re not familiar with the aviator trend then just think of Top Gun glasses. And if you need further inspiration on top of that, take a peak at these Ray Ban Shooter shades!


Now how about some funky cat eye glasses, no scratch that, some funky cat eye shades! Encapsulate a complete retro style with stylish cat eye glasses from the likes of Sandro SS21. With striking shades such as the SD 6012 Women’s Sunglasses in tortoise shell, you are guaranteed all the summer vibes you could possibly require. 


We’ve travelled to the past, now let’s skip forward to the future. Space age shades are in, and SS21 Dior Blue Oblique Mask Sunglasses not only provide the futuristic appeal, but a definite athleisure edge too! Yeezy Sunglasses also seem to take advantage of that sporty outer space look, although they do seem thoroughly difficult to get hold of! But there is no need to worry with brands like Fendi and Diesel additionally opting to create their ‘sunnies’ with a futuristic influenced design. 

Slimline Specs 

Aviators aren’t the only shades providing the classic and cool look, slimline specs also provide SS21 with a laid-back shade to keep those eyes out of the sun. And Gucci knocks it out of the park with their Slim Rectangular Sunglasses. Balenciaga also vies for the spotlight with the incredibly stylish Block Sunglasses. As you can see, bigger is not always better!

From vintage looks to a truly futuristic fantasy, all the different types of shades for SS21 don’t fail to impress. However, there are a few honourable mentions of new fashion accessories left off the list. This is inclusive of super enhanced round frames, the butterfly shape and the ‘charming’ charm embellished sunglasses! So as the heat ramps up, ramp up your sunglasses game and don’t miss out on the influx of trends this summer has to offer. This season it’s not going to be difficult to keep your eyes protected and look effortlessly stylish at the same time!

By Natasha Dunn