The Acne Dilemma

Every time our face is captured on camera, we want our skin to look blemish-free and almost flawless. This is why even just a single spot or pimple leads us to feel as if the whole thing is ruined. It seems as if our eye is trained to land exactly on that spot whenever we look in the mirror, and so we always have a concealer at hand in order to hide it away.

Whatever do we do?

It is important to know what causes such spots, so that we may try to prevent them. Evidently, they can be caused by imbalances in our body and a less than optimal state of our skin. One key thing that bring about acne is stress. While it may not be easy to take a breather all the time, it pays to relax every now and then. Your skin will definitely thank you for it. Be more mindful, and treat yourself with care – physically, emotionally, mentally. This will result in an overall glow that even acne can’t tame.

Some more obvious tips would be to get enough sleep and to be mindful of your diet.

Although it helps greatly, prevention doesn’t always work.

So what are some things to keep in mind when actually dealing with acne? Here are some general tips:

  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water, and use gentler products.
  • Let mild acne heal naturally. Definitely do not pop that zit!
  • Use an exfoliating mask, instead of just any harsh facial scrub.
  • Clean your surroundings: make sure to always have clean hands when touching your face. Plus, keep your regularly held items clean such as your phone, glasses, keyboard, pillowcase, etc.
  • Limit your diary intake.
  • Exercise! This is a great way to release toxins from the body, as well as to handle stress.

Additionally, here are some tried-and-tested products that can help you combat a breakout:

  • Mario Badescu drying mask
  • Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
  • Avene Tricaneal Night Smoothing Lotion
  • Mario Badescu drying lotion

By Sophie Jocson