It seems as if WFH or working-from-home is a new phrase that everyone has been using in daily conversation. Truly, this has become the reality for many of us in these uncertain times. Our work lives have evolved, and it is only fitting that our work attire will do so too. Surely we’d prefer to be comfortable, while still maintaining a sense of elegance and poise. This is where athleisure has been playing a role. The combination of chic and sporty clothing, does not mean one has to look basic and informal.

Now what exactly is athleisure? It is a nouveau and modern way of dress, that we commonly see being worn everyday. It was born out of the incorporation of workout and casual attire. There are plenty of ways to spice up the athleisure game, as demonstrated by supermodel Gigi Hadid and the power couple Justin and Hailey Bieber.

A comfy sweater and leggings combo can be enhanced by the added touch of color, whether it be with a striking pair of boots, sunglasses or accessories. Athleisure is a sure way to remain fashionable yet still comfortable, even when working-from-home. Especially when we have to look presentable for all those Zoom calls! This fashion trend that has been making waves for quite some time now, had always been the go-to look for many of us when it comes to running errands, meeting friends for a quick coffee, or just staying cozy while on-the-go. Nowadays, it is turning more and more into some sort of uniform. A few key pieces when it comes to athleisure are as follows:

Top: a staple sweater or cropped hoodie, monochrome sports bra, basic cotton t-shirt (plus, a must-have this season would be classic fall coat or jacket)
Bottoms: your favourite leggings, yoga pants, even sweatpants (but make sure these are of good quality and aren’t simply pajamas!)
Shoes & Accessories: This is where your own personal tastes can come into play, in order to make any outfit stand out. Make sure to try a good pair of boots, sneakers, a statement bag, sunglasses, simple jewelry, colorful hair scrunchies, a classic watch.

The trick is to find a balance between comfort and distinction, simplicity and elegance. It is always possible to make a fashion statement, even without being in full makeup and heels. In this day and age, clothes are as resilient and adaptive as the times. We should count ourselves lucky that proper athleisure is now acceptable in most workplaces, especially from home!

By Sophie Jocson