The Best Of:Adidas by Stella McCartney

“Keeping physically fit also keeps you mentally fit, which is critical now”
-Stella McCartney

British luxury fashion brand rooted in sustainability, Stella McCartney, has enjoyed a
long-term and super successful collaboration with German active brand Adidas.
Adidas by Stella McCartney created and continues to create coveted functional,
fashion-forward, and most of all eco-friendly sportswear. Not to mention, the
partnership began way before the normality of high-end brands creating activewear
lines had set in. Join the THEYE as we discover and rediscover some of the best
looks from Adidas by Stella McCartney.

The athletic yet wonderfully cooperation, Adidas by Stella McCartney launched 2005
and has released largely biannually each year since then. The successful
partnership highlights and combines Adidas’s high-performance and innovative
active textiles with Stella McCartney’s sustainability goals and meaningful designs.
The best aspects of both brands are united to create an exceptional line of sportwear
and accessories.

Spring/Summer 2021
Following a reverse chronological order, we begin with our favourite items from
Adidas by Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 2021 collection titled Future
Playgrounds. This collection focuses on restoring a joyful connection to nature while
strengthening the mutual longing for change and progress in our current reality. The
adjustable lines and silhouettes of this spring/summer season’s performance wear
come in daring patterns and colours true to Adidas by Stella McCartney’s lively
aesthetic. This collection features Adidas’s eco-conscious textiles PrimeGreen and
PrimeBlue, which are hardworking and advanced fabrics constructed with only
recycled materials and containing 0% virgin polyester. From the currently available,
first drop of Future Playgrounds we love, the oversized half-zip jacket in soft pink
with the black and white large all-over floral print (£170). In addition to the convenient
side-pockets, this garment also contains an adjustable bungee cord at the neck and
a neoprene and Velcro hem for an easy customization and adjustment of the fit.We also adore the new white Ultraboost trainers (£200) that feature unique cut-outs below the laces. These cute and distinctive sneakers were created with discarded beach waste and 25% recycled polyester.

Spring/Summer 2019
Adidas by Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 2019 collection starred Chinese model
Ming Xi and had a large focal point centred around the footwear of the collection,
specifically the limited-edition AlphaEdge 4D sneaker. This pioneering running shoe
introduced innovative and significantly more sustainable, 4D-printed geometric lattice soles paired with an attached knit sock as the upper part of the shoe. The 4D-printed soles generated less pollution and waste while offering improved agility and grip, as well as adding a modern touch to an already stylish shoe.

Autumn/Winter 2016
Adidas by Stella McCartney’s autumn/winter 2016 collection showcased striking
graphics like vivid black and white stripes, bold nature inspired bamboo prints, and
functional yet super contemporary multi-layered looks. While this collection was
mainly concentrated around serving specific sport categories like Studio HIIT, yoga,
or running, the attention-grabbing aspects of its pure visual appeal could be admired
and worn by athletes and non-athletes alike. And true to their powerful partnership,
Adidas by Stella McCartney’s autumn/winter 2016 collection also proudly displayed
Adidas’s high-tech and lightweight textiles. Some of Adidas’s smart fabrics that were
used in this collection were: ClimaLite, ClimaProof, ClimaCool, and ClimaHeat that
all guaranteed an utmost performance as well as protection from the natural
elements while keeping you perfectly comfortable and looking totally Stella
McCartney worthy.

Spring/Summer 2012
In the spring of 2012, the first brick-and-mortar Adidas by Stella McCartney boutique
was opened on Fulham Road in London. Strategically it opened its doors shortly
before the London 2012 summer Olympics, where Stella McCartney also designed
the uniforms for Team Great Britain. To celebrate this exciting new step of the
collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney, the British designer and active
brand came out with a colourful and very optimistic spring/summer 2012 collection.
The collection included: fun colour-blocked silver-metallic and yellow pullover
windbreakers, modern and chic monochromatic golf looks, futuristic crimson and
royal blue running rain-jackets with Adidas’s wind-resistant and water-repellent
textiles, elegant yet supportive black bathing suits with swanky cut-outs, and
vibrantly colourful compression tights layered under contrasting shorts.

Adidas by Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 2009 collection was directed at fulfilling
all the wants, requirements, and desires of the modern woman when it comes to
activewear. “Style meets performance is crucial for women today… remembering
you are alive is key; health is wealth” said Stella McCartney on the spring/summer
2009 collaboration collection. The collection was shown on both models and athletes
showing the true wearability and capabilities of the fashionable sportswear line. The
looks shown incorporated trendy oversized snaps on the fronts and sides of dashing
tennis ensembles, ruffled spring green and crisp white zip-up hoodies, gradient and
solid-coloured running leggings, light-reflecting golden and white spacious workout
tops, and sky blue buttoned ultramodern windbreakers.

By Marie-Louise Bloch