The Faces of Euphoria

If you haven’t seen the hit HBO series Euphoria, or at least heard of it in conversation, then you probably have been living under a rock. Or at least, some place where HBO does not have any service, nor do any streaming programmes which showcase this award-winning show.

In 2019, Euphoria set the world of television ablaze, with its riveting set of dramatic storylines, notoriously great soundtrack and magnetic characters. The show received a resoundingly positive response from critics and audiences alike. However, it wasn’t just the particular quality of the show’s plot that sent viewers reeling – the show also took quite a brave and striking direction with the makeup used on the characters.
Fans quickly turned to social media and YouTube to showcase their own versions of the looks in Euphoria. It was notable that each character is quite unique, with his or her own sense of style and eye-catching makeup looks.Moreover, the journey that each of them went through in the show was represented through the expressive way that makeup was used on them. The troubled teens of the show do encounter many evocative and complex upheavals, and the way their faces were presented was meant to give audiences some sort of insight into the nuanced and challenging world that they are thrust into.
The makeup used in Euphoria was definitely remarkable and complemented the dialogue and interaction between the characters. Doniella Davy was the principal makeup maestro on set, and she certainly did a fine job in creating mesmerizing looks that captured the intensity of the show.It’s quite to easy to get sucked into the temptation of recreating the glittering makeup looks after binging the series. These looks might not fall under the umbrella of our all-reliable, everyday makeup – with the popularity of ‘no-makeup makeup’ or the ‘boy beat’. But then again, Euphoria has introduced an opening for people everywhere to be more confident in getting creative and bold with their makeup looks. Especially now, with all the private little Halloween gatherings that people are going to have, a full face from Euphoria would be a nice departure from aclassic, scary getup.

By Sophie Jocson