The Kylie Cosmetics X Kendall Collab is Here – Finally

Kylie Jenner is back again, with the launch of a new, highly anticipated Kylie Cosmetics collab.
This time with none other than Kendall Jenner.
Back in February, Kendall dropped some hints that she was teaming up with her sister and now the time has finally come!

Kylie and her family collaborations have been beyond successful in the past. She has released lines with her infamous mom-ager, Kris Jenner, multiple lines with big sis Khloe Kardashian and even an adorable collection aided by her daughter, Stormi. Much like the typical release of other collabs, Kylie gave glimpses of the packaging throughout the week, featuring fun photos with her sister splashed across every part of the products. She later gave a comprehensive overview of each product and the thought-process behind them.

This collection will be the first collaboration Kylie has done with her sister, possibly due to Kendall’s prior contract with Estée Lauder. But the huge range of products certainly makes up for the lengthy wait. The collection includes bronzer sticks, blotting powder, a lipstick, an infamous lip kit, a colourful eyeshadow palette and much more.
Many of the products have never been seen before, with a blotting powder that helps with oil build up, a shimmery face gloss for a gleaming shine and face sticks tailored to Kendall’s exact signature shades.
Where there is a major hype for any Kardashian launch, there also comes an influx of criticism. And it is no different for this collab. It was clear some critics were slightly confused about the dramatic colours included in the eyeshadow palette, commenting that it didn’t feel “very Kendall.” Kylie quickly addressed the criticism, taking to Instagram to prove that in fact these colours were the most Kendall you could get.

Sharing pictures of her supermodel sister’s face with splashes of the bright coloured eyeshadows, Kylie proved that Kendall does in fact love a burst of colour. With the confusion addressed, the focus is now on the launch. Kendall announced her excitement for the launch on her own social media, also sharing that a portion of proceeds will be going to organisations that support the black trans community. It’s an admirable step to recognise the voices within the BLM movement during Pride month.
The Kylie Cosmetics X Kendall collection drops on June 26. International beauty fans will be sitting tight this Friday in anticipation of hopefully being the first to nab a Kylie X Kendall product.

By Rachel Douglass