The natural way to Hair Growth: Scandinavian Biolabs

With the market for hair growth supplements and miracle serums on the rise, many of us have hopped on the trend hoping to achieve luscious locks without the fuss of extensions. Trying to get that hailed Ariana Grade ponytail, however, definitely comes with its downfalls: whether you’re relying on questionable formulas to stimulate your scalp or are having to deal with the pain that are split ends and dull-looking hair, the journey definitely isn’t an easy one. Being the beauty obsessives that we are, we have too been on the hunt for that miracle product that helps our manes grow longer and stronger, without compromising the health of our hair. With ‘How to make hair grow’ being one of the top Google questions, you can’t blame us – the quest for healthy lengths is real, and we have trialed and tested some of the most popular products out there to discover all the do-it-all formulas that will help us achieve the hair of dreams.

The brand that made the cut as a top favourite ticks all the boxes for us: natural, vegan and, most importantly, effective. Cue Scandinavian Biolabs, a Copenhagen-based brand that offers expert-formulated products to boost your hair confidence. With a line-up of plant-based ingredients and a scientific approach to haircare, the Danish-made products promote stronger and more voluminous hair that is bound to boost your confidence and help regenerate even the most damaged of locks.
Scandinavian Biolabs offers three products for women, respectively men, that are designed to work together to help you achieve strong and healthy hair.
Step 1: Hair Strength Shampoo | For Women, €19,95
The Hair Strength Shampoo is designed to strengthen and repair damaged hair, stimulating its growth with vegan active micro-ingredients. Rebuilding the lengths and restoring volume, the Bio Pixilin formula extends the hair’s growth cycle and gives your locks a regeneration boost. The end game? A whooping 58% average increase in hair density delivered by all-natural ingredients.

Step 2: Hair Recovery Conditioner | For Women, €19,95
The matching conditioner promises no less than its corresponding shampoo: a hair recovery formula made with active conditioning ingredients that coats your hair in a protective barrier to reduce breakage and promote shine, the Hair Recover Conditioner is an absolute dream for anyone looking to achieve healthier hair. With a natural and plant-based ingredient list that delivers hydration and softness, you can wave goodbye to thinness and heat damage.

Step 3: Hair Growth Serum | For Women, €39,95
To top-up the hair-loving ingredients from your hair wash, the Hair Growth Serum is here to lock all the moisture in and help you fight any frizz caused by damage and thinness. Helping strengthen the development of hair follicles and boosting the life span of hair fibres, this wonder-serum is packed with active vegan micro-proteins to deliver stronger and healthier-looking locks. An amazing 92% of consumers have noticed visible results after three months of use, with every drop being packed with all the ingredients your hair needs to regenerate itself.
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